Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Traveler Series

John Mayba for the AV Times

A Port Alberni creek during the recent cold snap.

HeatherThomson, AV Times

Our local flock of swans, along the Somass River.

Kids, some of you have asked about my Traveler series of poems. The series began with a journey I took with my sister poet Elizabeth Crawford, of Soul's Music,  in April 2011. From time to time Traveler poems still pop up at critical moments. (Elizabeth's poems from the Soul Card Journey can be found at the link above.)

I finally have managed to put the series together on a page of their own on my site. If you wish, you can find  The Traveler Series here, or by clicking the link on the side bar to the right.


  1. cool. will have to go check those out sherry....i hope you have a great wednesday

  2. Interesting! Might check those poems out when i get some spare time. Looking forward to reading them!


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