Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Love With the Sky

I never wanted to climb 
that ladder to Success:
the stepping-stone path up the levels
that bring big bucks,
great clothes, 
monster house,
new car every three years,
a decorated home, and an RV.

I was always more in love with the sky,
comfy in my thrift store clothes,
grateful for simple pleasures,
happy with my down-scaled 
trailer park life.

I took one look 
at that fork in the path,
saw the lives of those 
in pursuit of More
- More of Everything - 
bigger, better, newer, 
faster,snazzier, -
shook my head
and took the poet's path.
And that, as another poet said,
has made
all the difference.

Posted for Susan's Mid Week Motif at Poets United: Success


  1. Yes it has, my friend. A poem like this makes poverty look rich and riches impoverished. But looking closer I see it is not rich and poor. It is yearning for a different coin, participation rather than greed, healthy amounts and mixes rather than poison. Thank you.

  2. I would rather enjoy the sky sitting on my lawn, than live in a penthouse apartment in a big city looking at mindless traffic going on and on for ages, sweet poem, made me smile when I read it!

  3. i rock the thrift store as well...i would rather be in a pair of jeans and my comfort with the world and nature....

  4. Sherry,

    Being comfortable and happy within one's self and one's means, is priceless. Then it is possible to take time to observe the sky and all else that brings such pleasaure from nature's array.
    On the other hand, those who simply keep wanting, never have the gift of spare time, to see, or to enjoy those gifts that are all around.
    Lovely poem Sherry:)

  5. I love you and your attitude. Why is success so tied to the money bag? Oh to love life, spices, color filled pathways and Poetry

  6. There are definitely many kinds of success; and your poem is testament to that. And the success of the poet cannot be surpassed. Smiles.

  7. And that has made a difference - lovely and full of meaning Sherry ~ I love this ~

  8. The contrasts you build with your words are distinct and I can so relate...we walk the poet's path. :) I love your love of the sky, beautiful and commendable, Sherry. ♥

  9. There is no more wealth than are rich having an endless store of Nature and a poet's heart my friend...

  10. You are so right, my dear. My sisters are still clawing for more, while Lex and I are content with what we have. Here's hoping this catches on in our society, which is only hurt by greed. Right on! Amy

  11. Ah.. yes.. I never took that path... but still there are forks all the time.. and just maybe... a change is due... Though I think I have no intention of climbing any further for the sake of it..

  12. Bravo! The climb to the eagle's nest is a slippery slope-I love your poem and the ending is perfect!

  13. These lines really made my day..such an aura of peace emanating from the poem ! Hats off to you..

  14. The price of success is to sell your thanks!

  15. Inner happiness is most important..providing our choices are actual choices I suppose..otherwise 'you' can be plagued by what ifs..enough to be comfortable is a good way! Rich words..

  16. Ah my friend, success really, really does come in so many different ways for each of us doesn't it? My greatest success was with my work within the HIV/AIDS community. I am speaking of the earlier days, 1986-1998 or so.

  17. I love the idea of making choices... having choices... and being comfortable in those choices...

  18. That is right Sherry! The joy of taking a leisurely ride through life can never be compared to the headache or heartache of the rat race! Nicely!



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