Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Story That Will Make You Weep

Kids, I clicked on this when I was looking for something else. The humble young singer in this clip has lived an unimaginably painful life, on his own since he was five years old. But when he sings, he transports himself and his listeners to a better world. Please hear his story, and his song. You will not be able to listen without weeping. I wish for joy for him from this moment on - and that he will continue to sing.


  1. Oh my word. A person would have to made of stone not to cry while watching this. I didn't like how that girl treated being a manual laborer like it was some kind of joke; it's honorable work. But apart from that, all I can say is wow. What a soul that young man must have. And look at the effect he has on everyone who hears him. Even girly-poo redeemed herself when she said she just wants him to be happy.

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  3. This is a Korean Susan Boyle in the making. He has already set the stage for himself. If from then until the next round someone had given him some vocal lessons he sure stood a chance. I wish him well. Thanks for sharing Sherry!


  4. thanks so much for sharing this, Sherry! i love that one of the young men backstage told him never to feel he is alone! amazing!!!

  5. Interesting how the soul of life evinces from the most unexpected places. We feel him because we are attached by the same soul.

    You found him for us Sherry so you share in his glory.

    I was also stunned by the reaction of the one judge when she heard him say he was a manual laborer.

    She did redeem herself, somewhat, in the end. Not unlike us all will redeem ourselves, of and from something sometime.

    Happy Holidays mi amiga

  6. Just beautiful, Sherry. I will share that with my daughter if I can figure out how to copy the video. What a story and what a singer.

  7. Beautiful...thanks for sharing this, Sherry!

  8. I stumbled on this a while back, just as you did. It moved me then and now again. Thanks Sherry,


  9. And it is for your heartfelt posts and kind way of compassion that I thought of you when nominating special peeps for the Sisterhood blogger award...

    I hope you can accept it! ♥ you!!

  10. This was WOW. Oh my Sherry thank you.

  11. Sometimes when life is hardest, one is able to find beauty. And if the person is very, very lucky, they are able to display the beauty inside themselves. Sherry, thank you for a great cry and a reminder for me to give thanks to the Creator tonight for my voice. This young man is A. MAZ.ING. Love, Amy

  12. Such a moving, beautiful story. That a child would have to survive like that breaks my heart. He has taken his pain and turned it into a gift for the world.

  13. My goodness...that was wonderful, Sherry! Of course I wept, and definitely wish the young man joy in the years ahead. Clearly, he will always have music in his heart...:)


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