Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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We fear death 
the way we fear darkness,
as if, when we close our eyes,
there will never be morning.

But those who are dying
are encouraged to
Go Towards the Light.

Those who come back 
from the brink
tell us they saw
the most beautiful loving light.

Perhaps, when we fall asleep
that final time, on earth,
where we open our eyes next
will be our
full Awakening.


  1. 'our full awakening' oh, how I love that thought! Sherry, this is so beautiful. Very inspiring.

  2. Sherry, this is beautiful. I do believe as well we will awaken to the light.

  3. I missed hearing a person 'who (had) come back' when he came to the men's power lunch at our church.

    He saw lights but I think also he heard from God. He did write a book, I always wonder if those kind of speakers come for the message the leave or to sell a few more books.

    I love you family name. When in school, I worked two summers with two hard working Indians, one was old (to me) and the other young. I learned a lot.

  4. Oh yes, Sherry, thank you for peeking in on my 'nest' poem. I trimmed a little on it before I came here. It flows better, I think. I do that a lot, after they get ripe I rearrange like a bouquet of flowers.

  5. "our full awakening" what a beautiful view of death..I always find peace here Sherry.

  6. Dear Sherry,
    You got me there. We are continents apart, generations apart (and I do not mean this in a bad way), and grew up maybe in totally different ways.

    Yet you come up with a concept like full awakening - what I truly believe in through my faith.

    Sherry, you are a wonder.

  7. Oh, I do hope so... it's why I don't fear our earthly death because I believe our body dies, but, that's all.
    Beautiful Sherry.

  8. Thank you Sherry, this is one of those gifts that keeps on giving,


  9. I hope this is so... wonderful thoughts to ponder...

  10. Sherry, I tell people that I don't fear death, they say that it is because I am not dying. Of course we are all dying from the moment we are born. Sometimes I tell D that I am ready. Do people fear death or do they fear the manner in which it happens?


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