Friday, November 9, 2012

Wild Woman's Heart

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The morning sun lights up the world 
with burnished gold.
It sparkles off the fresh snow
along the mountaintops.

The warm sunlight meets 
the cold night-frozen fields
and a mist floats across the pastures.
Low-lying clouds swirl across 
the middle of the hills,
almost close enough to touch.
Trees  poke their heads 
above the haze,
and a translucent shine 
layers the world
in brilliance.

Over the fence, a deer raises her head 
and assesses me.

"Hello, little deer. Are you enjoying 
the grass this morning?"

She considers this question, 
bends her head to nibble.

"Would you like an apple for a little snack?"

I carefully open the barn door, 
reach in for an apple,
slowly approach the fence.
She stands, waiting, unafraid.

I slowly toss the apple a little to her left, 
where it bobbles along the ground.
She takes a few steps forward, sniffing.

She has not darted away! 
She is accepting the gift!
It is today's miracle.

Wild Woman's heart does a little
hop, skip and jump,
then flies right out of her chest.
It is catching a ride
on a low-lying
puffy, perfect cloud.



  1. This is an ideal telling of a blessed morning in my world. I see mule and white-tailed deer where I live. They eat the fruit off the barrel cactus and often lean over my walls to snatch fresh blooms. I've never had an experience such as yours, though, which was a gift for sure!

  2. Precious to read this, even more so to be you and to have done this. :)
    Joy indeed.

  3. This is a tale of one of life's small miracles. You are so attuned to nature, Sherry, I'm not surprised you had a "close encounter." Poor deer, their habitat further and further encroached. It's the kindness of folks like you that keep them alive. Peace, Amy Too your advice...

  4. What a beautiful encounter, Sherry. You were indeed blessed. I hope this deer will return again.

    I was so saddened yesterday morning when I drove from home and some blocks away saw the street was filled with blood and on the side of the street lay a badly mangled deer. There is a deer crossing sign near this spot. Sigh. This image will stay with me a long time. Last night the deer was still there.

  5. Sherry this reminds me of my father. And I am not surprised it is happening to you. How very lovely. It must have been so exciting.

  6. Gentle creatures. Your story reminds me of one of my own. We are fortunate beings,



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