Friday, November 16, 2012

Soon Enough

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Soon enough
you will notice 
the sharpened fangs
in that conman's smile.
You try not to feel their bite,
until the traces of blood 
form puddles on the floor
that become impossible
to ignore.

Your spirit shrivels
at the cage
in which it finds itself
that same cage
you so willingly 
- or willlessly? -

Its door is standing open,
but in your panic
you cannot think of
how to flee.
You think he is
the one at fault,
until someone 
points out
that you are the one 
allowing it 
to happen.

Younger Sister,
listen to Wild Woman,
and listen well:

If "Love"
is hurting you,
disrespecting you,
manipulating you,
abusing you -
it isn't Love. 

as swiftly as you can.
Wait for a love
that is kind.

It will come your way,
soon enough.

Kids, today, at Real Toads,  Marian has given us the prompt: Soon Enough, inspired the song of that name by the talented Aimee Mann. There is a cool clip on the Toads site of Aimee singing that song. The video reminded me of someone I once knew who had deadly fangs, hidden in his con-man smile. Do click over to Toads and check out the other links. There will be some great reading material from this prompt, I can tell.

Wild Woman is a bit under the weather these days. I am trying to keep up with as much commenting as I can. Please forgive me at being considerably behind. The spirit is willing - but what I need is a RECLINING computer chair, hee hee. (I know, a laptop - but I am used to banging hard on a keyboard, so laptops do not cooperate with me.)


  1. oh sherry i sure as hell know some women who need to hear this message!

    i hope you feel better. xoxox to you.

  2. Feel better soon, Sherry! At least your poetry isn't suffering .....

  3. Take care of you wild woman.
    I wish so many young women in this situation could see they are worth so much more.
    Powerful message Sherry.

  4. Problem is these conmen are so smooth, many women do not realize they're being played.

  5. Definitely one of the ways that wild woman comes to be. She has left the cage, freed herself, what else would she become?


  6. Like Marian said, I know a lot of women who need to read this!

    Hope that you feel better soon!

  7. Wild Woman is a Wise Woman...we need more of her around. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. "that same cage
    you so willingly
    - or willlessly? -

    Leaving her the benefit of the doubt? She must turn around--back off--from the magnetic point to see what we have painfully and happily learned: the door remains open, especially in North American Societies--or most of them.

    Take care of your precious self, remembering that the option is OPEN to ask for assistance, my dear.

  9. Lovely words of wisdom ~

    Take it easy Sherry and have a wonderful weekend ~

  10. So true what you wrote, Sherry. If someone is disrespecting you, it isn't love.

    Take care of yourself, dear Sherry. Rest as much as you can!

  11. "If "Love"
    is hurting you,
    disrespecting you,
    manipulating you,
    abusing you -
    it isn't Love."

    So you've met my mother?

  12. In the conman's smile...
    Wow! It's always a delight to read your poems dear Sherry :) I liked every word in each line here :) Beautiful :D

  13. This needs to be over a loud speaker at every big box store! :D
    Well Done and so true~ You need to write speeches for a living!

  14. Wild Woman, this is excellent advice. My first husband alienated my friends, tried to keep me with him all the time. My parents couldn't stand him. And back then, I was indeed a mouse who could not flee... until I started seeing a therapist.

    I'm glad we parted. We are both better off. He remarried (finally) a woman who is sweet but takes no shit. I got the blessing of Lex, who was also a model stepdad for Riley.

    Don't worry about replying; I never come back to read them, ha ha, and visit when you are feeling better. Take good care, honey. Love, Amy (Mild Woman... NOT)

  15. A quick return to full health for you.
    Meanwhile, this is a tonic for the rest of us.

  16. Sherry, so sorry you're not feeling well. Relax, take care.

    Hope those in abusive situations realize they can leave. So sad.

  17. My youngest sister lived this nightmare. I can still remember the bruises and cuts. My father brought her to my husband and I one night to protect her from her husband who had shot at her as she ran down their driveway.

  18. So sorry you're under the weather, Sherry. I love the message in your poem.

  19. This absolutely breaks my heart...Sherry your way of delivering meaningful poetry is really something. Thank you so much. ♥

  20. cannot think of how to flee.

    Everyone sees the way out, but the victim herself. Rest up and feel better soon.

  21. A very deep, well expressed message poem!


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