Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Give Peas a Chance illustration borrowed from

The Princess was totally P.O.'ed. 
The septic had backed up and
offal was floating in the Royal Moat.

The Prince was a layabout
and it totally
frosted her nanny
that she had to do the bailing
while he lay around
ordering the minions about.

Her tilting tiara was in imminent danger
of falling into the turgid waters,
and tiaras are not easily replaced.

"I only have two hands,"
she fumed.
"How can I be 
expected to bail AND
keep my tiara on straight?
Really, it is just
Too Much!"

After a few vengeful glares
at the Prince,
and a mental cataloguing
of the general inequitableness
of having been born a woman,
she decided she was 
just Done.
So she drew up the drawbridge,
abandoning the moat
to its smelly fate.

But she brought
one last bucketful 
into the Palace,
depositing it
where she felt it might do 
the most good,
in terms of Future Motivation
and Team-Building.

The Prince's ki-yi-ing
could be heard 
throughout the kingdom,
after which
he sat sulkily in the corner,
eating his turds and whey.

The Princess just smiled
her ubiquitous smile,
buffing her fingernails 
against her royal robes,
and made sure her tiara
was on Just Right.

Ella's prompt at Poets United's Wonder Wednesday is: Bridges.
And Poetry Jam asks for a fairy tale.
So I decided we needed a Grim one. 


  1. Ha ha, Sherry! The prince definitely got his just reward!

  2. LOL.... Love it... A Princess with >>> Attitude <<< Darn right!

  3. thus the problem with both princes and princesses....ha...he had it coming though....wonder if she married him for his money in the first place....

  4. Grim indeed, but not Grimm at all. Fun!

  5. Now this is a fairy tale with a sensible ending! :)

  6. I am now singing that song, "He had it coming, he had it coming"

    Very Grimm indeed, tee,hee!
    I love it!

  7. how clever and fun!

    Appy Aloha Wishes!
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  8. Love this! So glad the Princess took matters into her own hands!

  9. What is a woman to do when faced with a tilting tiara... getting even is a wonderful thing indeed! Great fun!

  10. Alas a tale with a smelly good one Sherry

  11. This was great fun to read! I loved the ending. The prince got his due!!

  12. I have ducked a bucketful or two in my day. Still in training after all these years.

  13. This is one funny fairy tale!!!

  14. Okay so this is funny because over a month ago a street across the way had a sewer clog so they pumped the sewer and in turn caused a huge rumble here and a smell that lasted weeks...I've had the Public Works in and out of here and the Fire department with a meter to check for gases-nothing-and I got someone to put eyes on the pipes where the smell is emanating from...less smelly now but still it comes and goes and it is a definite sewer kind of smell. Needless to say I'm P.O. ed...I've been the one trying to bail out this matter with no help from my"Prince," and I've just about given up... settling for this stink that comes and goes???I don't know what to do and my tiara is tilted and can you see the similarities here?!! Lol This issue started on October 10th!! So tired of it and I don't know what else to do to fix it. No cracked pipes and no backed up sewerage just a mystery stink. :/ Sorry Sherry...You can delete this if you's kind of obnoxious but way to coincidental to not let you read it first! :)

  15. Laughing here. Lazy Prince and wise Princess!

  16. Hilarious, Sherry, and just when I needed a good laugh.

  17. Funny, funny. :) Really like "frosted her nanny".

  18. This is too funny - almost couldn't get past the offal. Haha!

  19. Sherry.. lol.. it was funny witty and perfectly pretty..

    couldnt help the rhyme,, ;).. kudos

  20. Ha. This tale is truly grim - especially for lazy Princes. And so true, those tiaras must remain in place.

    Great writing Sherry.

    (Haven't been around. Was visiting my grandson.)

  21. I loved this! Somehow I miss these middle of the week prompts--just loved this--

  22. Sherry,

    You drew me right into your most wonderful tale!!! A most wonderful story and I loved the use of the drawbridge:)
    Sherry, you should compile a children's book with tales such as this one. You have the imagination to do so:)
    Best Wishes,

  23. Sherry, there is no end to this particular battle, but oh it is fun, is it not?


  24. Thanks for making me smile today Sherry...this is awesome! :-)

  25. I haven't read a fairy tale to my not-so-little ones in a long while. This one's to be read aloud and gobbled up. (We'll have to plug our noses first.)

  26. Such a Lovely poem, lovely writing style! love it! x

  27. Grim was the right line to take, I am sure. And you took it so well!

  28. A lof of Fun here--very very clever! k.

  29. Truly, truly - keeping ones tiara straight with all these other things happening? Sherry, this is a WONDERFUL poem. I smiled all the way through.


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