Friday, November 30, 2012

We Are Stardust


Some speak of beings
from other planets
from which we began.
And we know
we are connected to
sun and moon,
earth and sky,
which give us life.

The Old Ones tell
of the time when
lions and humans
sheltered in 
the same caves
in winter.
They say, when man was close to
extinction from starvation,
the lion offered itself
to the human to eat,
so the human race
would survive.

What cosmic event
or supernatural design
ordered the far-flung galaxies
across the heavens,
and tended to the intricacies
of the smallest molecule's
on the earth?

What we must understand
is this:
we - all of us - 
are connected
to all other life.
We reap
what we sow:
today the feast,
tomorrow the whirlwind.

What I know is,
at the cellular level,
there is 
not much difference
between us
and a star.

* The Eye of God - Helix Nebula image
is from

Posted for Mary's prompt at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads  : Connections


  1. Sherry, what a great Friday finish! Not sure when you posted this wonderful poem but the title drew me in and set off the sound of a tune in my mind from the 70s, I think.

    Seems like life is all about perspective--your poem sums it up so well!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, yes! I, too, have come to know that truth. Our connectedness and similarities are profoundly more significant than the differences that often capture our attention. We are one. We are. We.

    Sending love your way, Sherry!

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  4. I love your view! I love the star dust the space eye, all of it~
    Wonderful Sherry! You have an captured the essence of being connected :D @>-----------

  5. Love this! We ARE stardust. :-) I love finding other poets' poems on a topic I've also attempted. Maybe you do too? This one reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back:

    Maybe you'll find it interesting... or not. :-]

  6. Like this Sherry, I can say when I read some of your work you get the old mind churning and I look for some of the things you write about and find some of the most interesting stories. Thanks for that!

  7. Sherry, gave a bit of a shout-out to your poem on FB.:)

  8. This is beautiful, Sherry. So true that we are all connected in so many a deep level we may not even consciously realize. Through your poem I enjoyed contemplating these connections!

  9. So beautiful. We are connected beyond what we can comprehend. As I have said before, when I come to your blog I find peace.

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  11. We reap as we sow indeed,


    and I still need to get my crocuses in the ground :-)

  12. Oh yes.
    Sherry this is one of you best ever!
    We are indeed all the same. We do reap what we sow and we are all made of stardust too. I would have loved the time when humans could have shared a cave with lions. I'm sure that was true too.
    Brilliant poetry Sherry.

  13. Everything is connected to everything else. Much of the mystery of life is because we fail to see those connections.


  14. That must be some really good acid. Speaking of big cats in close proximity to humans, do you plan to see Life Of Pi? I read the book and loved it. (It's a metaphorical novel about a young man adrift in a boat with a tiger.) My guess would be that you'd like it too.

  15. Yes we are all connected. I saw that photo on the web page for the Hubble Space Telescope--what marvels are out there and in us as well.

  16. "We reap
    what we sow:
    today the feast,
    tomorrow the whirlwind."

    Gosh Sherry, your power is rising, I feel it in the gift of your poetry. Everyone holding you in the Light--or just you--makes me feel I am hearing from the Light itself. Thank you.

  17. Your concluding lines are amazing, Sherry. The nebula looks so much like an eye watching the universe unfolding.

  18. This poem leaves me feeling full enough to burst, all my molecules stars. "The Eye of God-Helix Nebula..." a perfect accompaniment to the vision of all the stars in all the universes, perfect connections. Yes "we reap what we sow."

  19. What powerful thoughts Sherry. Nice to be connected to the All.

  20. this is beautiful, Sherry. the lion gave itself to the human to eat? imagine.
    i'm thinking of you, my friend, and sending love. xoxoxo

  21. We all have far more in common that we have differences. Nicely captured.

  22. Yes you have hit it on the head! When we get right down to the nitty gritty we are the same indeed. :)

  23. On SO many levels...A m a z i n g.

    Sherry...this definitely rings true in my heart. Beautifully written and the perfect image to accompany!


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