Monday, November 5, 2012


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Dream, all you crones

and creaky-jointed crooners.
Where's the kind of hope
we had when we
were young?
Lay your tired head
upon your pillow
for we have to finish
what we have

Dust off those castles in the air
we once envisaged.
Polish your granny glasses,
lace up your high-top boots.
To the eastern sea
let's take our pails and shovels. 
To the polls
let's take our trust
and faith and roots.

When it is the hardest 
to have hope,
we still
must have it,
though it's difficult
with so much 
we could grieve.
Dream me a dream
and waltz me round
the kitchen.
Tell me we'll be okay
and I'll believe.

Well, kids, believe it or not, my shiny optimism has taken a big hit, with the devastation of the eastern seaboard. When I watched An Inconvenient Truth years ago, and saw the shores of New York underwater, it was terrifying. It was even more terrifying when it was not a projection but a reality, on my tv screen.

There is so much to be done and the System, in the stranglehold of the multinationals, just cant move fast enough to effect significant change. Especially in a country with two nearly equal political parties. We could teeter totter back and forth every four years, one party making some progress, then the other party tossing that out and starting over.

It takes a lot to discourage me but tonight I am discouraged.

Tomorrow will dawn regardless. Good luck to us all, on Planet Earth.


  1. I want that dream and to be waltzed around the kitchen~ The world sure has taken a of its axis!
    There are those that are trying to make a difference... We have to do more than hope :D
    Well said Sherry!

  2. There's so much to look forward to from this reelection. We,non-Americans are not directly affected. It wouldn't matter either way. But for stability I feel the staus quo is preferable. I feel no necessity for a new President. Nicely Sherry!


  3. I hear you, Sherry, even way over here on the other side of the world.

  4. I never lose hope, believe in trusting the process....and in working together as we dance in the kitchen!

  5. That dance around the kitchen speaks volumes Sherry. Light candles and keep fingers crossed.


  6. Earth needs all the luck she can get right now.

  7. When it is the hardest to have hope we must still have it.
    These are the words which are left whispering in my head after I had read your brilliant poem.

    Even in the UK our political parties are now no better than the other and people are discouraged-Who can you trust...

  8. I'm with you, Sherry...what happened to all those dreams anyway...when did they evaporate from our consciousness? Tonight we'll find out who our next President is... My dream is that my granddaughter will have a secure and love-filled life...

  9. Taking my pail and shovel to the polls. Thanks for the reminder and the sharing.

  10. Awww're fighting the good fight. <3


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