Wednesday, November 21, 2012

McLaughlin Ridge

Monday night concerned citizens of this area, including representatives from the Ancient Forest Alliance,  gathered with Scott Fraser, the MLA for our district, to discuss the clearcutting of McLaughlin Ridge, one of our last old growth forests, now being aggressively logged. 

The liberal government removed this forest from Tree Farm licensing status, and sold it to Island Timberlands, a few years back. As it is now privately owned, it can be logged without any regulations or guidelines.

The Ancient Forest Alliance works towards the goal of inventorying and protecting the few old growth forests left, critical habitat for wildlife, which should be preserved for future generations. 

As it stands, 80% of logging done on the Island is second growth. Very little old growth is left. It seems crazy to me that these beautiful old trees, the last of their kind, are being clearcut and trucked away, devastation left behind that the logging companies are not even required to clean up.

It is crazy that in 2012, we still are not logging sustainably, and not keeping the lumber at home to provide employment for locals. When the last of these giants are gone from the earth, then what? How will we breathe, when all the trees are gone?

A logger spoke, at the meeting, about how rapacious and unsustainable  logging practices are eliminating logging jobs, along with the precious old growth. 

Scott Fraser will petition the legislature to buy back and protect this land, but legislature has been canceled, so it will be spring before he can even bring his constituents' concerns to the table.

Coming away from the meeting Monday night, the general feeling was that by then, the Ridge will be completely logged.

We are a horribly - and dangerously - unenlightened species.

You can find out more from the Ancient Forest Alliance and the Friends of Clayoquot Sound

You can send an email to Scott Fraser, to let him know your thoughts about preserving what little old growth is left at

You can click here to sign the online petition to protect BC's old growth, the little that is left.

Or email Steve Thomson, the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources, c/o  Let your voice be heard.


  1. Your words and pics are moving. They would rile people up, perhaps, for a thoroughfare sit in--not trespassing, but at public entries. It's going to be a long cold winter but these trees need friends of other species willing to block physical action while legislators are elsewhere. I'm putting this comment on Facebook too. Will USA voices matter on petitions and things?

  2. When the trees are all gone so too will man. And, it will all be our own doing. Crazy, money loving ego filled idiots yes, most money lovers are.

  3. People from all countries travel here to see the ancient forest. So, Susan, I'd say your voice would be a very welcome one! Thanks. Bren, your poem of hope today helped me, as it is one of those days when one gets discouraged at the same old same old which makes no sense, either environmentally OR financially. Argh.


  5. So sad, Sherry!
    Seems to me it is such a senseless waste.
    Take care.

  6. Very, very saddening and very, very maddening! I'm with Chris, time for a blockade.

  7. This is very sad, Sherry! When will we ever learn?

  8. I signed the petition and wrote this:
    Clear-cutting of forests is one of the worst environmental crimes against our earth, along with fracking. These majestic trees - how dare anyone let them be cut down? Who the heck is in charge in Canada? I'm American, but I care about you.
    Thanks for letting us know, Sherry. This breaks my heart. Love, Amy


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