Friday, July 20, 2012

Witch's Song

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Pass me the stir-spoon, Sister, quick!
This stew's getting a little  thick.
Push down the devil's claw. Mix in some thyme.
The brew must be ready by dinner-time.

A pinch of this and a pinch of that,
and dont forget to spell the Cat.
Owl sits in the corner with beady eye.
Toss him a mouse as you go by.

While it is brewing we'll sip on some gin,
and call the witches-in-training in.
Thrice round the cauldron, add some eye of newt,
and mind how you circle, or you'll tread on my boot.

Toss in two warty toads and the leg of a frog.
Let's fly round the meadow, skinny-dip in the bog,
count all our warts, multiply by two,
and I will teach a new spell to you.

To draw love, catnip, valerian for sleep.
Drop a marigold bloom in your tea; let it steep.
Calamus root and the knuckle of a frog.
We'll sing in the kitchen and dance with the dog.

Come out, my pretties, to the meadow in the hollow.
Skinny witches first, and the fat ones follow.
We will chant incantations, swoop around on our brooms,
and watch that black cloud cover the moon.

Snakes go hiss and flames they crackle. 
Potions bubble and pop to the witches' cackle.
Toads gather at the pond in our friendly way,
Cause it's always fun on Fireblossom Friday!

Such a fun prompt today, kids, at Real Toads, where the Fireblossom Friday prompt is to write something about the devil, his minions, or witches. I think I had a bit too much fun with this and seem to have the witch's incantation rhythm down just a little too well. But dont be scared. I'm a kind witch!


  1. Very fun Sherry. Makes me want to join right in with the rest of the witches.

  2. I love this, Sherry. Your rhyme and rhythm is awesome. It seemed like once you got started you could just keep going and going. I love the last verse! (And, yes, I know you would be / are a kind witch!!)

  3. Oh, I knew you were a good witch! I'd love to join your coven!

  4. had me all a quiver... gotta watch them witches.
    All of this made me >>> Smile .. Sherry. Seems like you had as much fun in its writing as we have in the reading.. LOL

  5. "We'll sing in the kitchen and dance with the dog."

    That sounds like my house! Love this, Sherry!

  6. This was SO much fun, Sherry! I loved it. :)

    "Let's fly round the meadow, skinny-dip in the bog" ... Can I come too? I think I like your coven.

    I loved these lines:

    "Push down the devil's claw. Mix in some thyme"

    "Skinny witches first, and the fat ones follow"

  7. You DID have fun!!! I loved this, Sherry!!

    Especially this one:

    "count all our warts, multiply by two,"


    Great poem!

  8. You certainly are a kind witch Sherry, and a talented one. I really enjoyed reading this and am so amazed that you can so creatively compose a poem like this, considering how busy are. I think I'm beginning to envy you, in a good way though.

  9. Cooking up a storm! I love the emphasis on the cooking and then the teaching of the novices. Your tone is much more like the opening scenes of Cinderella then the opening scenes of Macbeth. Fun.

  10. This was a lot of fun to read, with its shades of Shakespeare. I love the idea of calling in the witches-in-training too.

  11. Fun to read this... reminds me of Halloween for some reason.

  12. so fun, i love it! pass me the thyme, please.

  13. Love this fun gathering of witches...more merriment than scary...and cute too. Well done!

  14. This is a super clever poem - I especially like the warning not to tread on the boot. You should save for Halloween! Or Macbeth Day! (if there is one!) k.

  15. Wonderful... I so want to come to this party! :D You gave us so many great visuals~ Nothing more fun then to cackle in the garden! I loved it~!

  16. "We will chant incantations, swoop around on our brooms,
    and watch that black cloud cover the moon"

    My, witches seem to have lots of fun. The weird ingredients in the cauldron can be real 'soupy' Nice write Sherry!


  17. Sherry I love your fun, bewitching!

  18. You did identify with this a little too well, didn't you, Love the rhythm of it and can absolutely hear the snakes hiss and flames crackle...grizzly but fun! Suits my macabre nature to a tee...:)

  19. Just wait while I fetch my broom - I'll be with you in a flash! Hehehe! Great fun!

  20. Sherry,
    This was as fun to read as it must have been to write. These sound like the kind of witches you'd like to be around...
    Steve K.

  21. Super super fun to read, Sherry! I imagined a group of witches around a cauldron having lots of fun together!


  22. I seem to have somehow missed this the first time. Were you a late bird? Or am I? In any event, I love it!!!!

  23. so cute the magic rhythm....

  24. I LOVE this, Sherry! ~

  25. I like this, Sherry, it was fun to read of the witches fun things. Getting it started with the making of the witches brew was great. That reminded me of Granny, of the comic strip, Lil' Abner, making her healing potent.
    "While it is brewing we'll sip on some gin" was her thing except she or they drank Kick-a-poo Joy Juice out of a jug that used a corn cob for a stopper.
    Too bad I couldn't enjoy it back in '12. I was a very casual visitor, seldom, then.

  26. Oh yes, Sherry, I did not change channels. I watched the whole thing or most of it except for the first hour and a half.
    I too like Ellen. She is a brave and funny girl.

  27. I love this...your witches sound delightful


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