Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Message from the Little Grandmother

Keisha Crowther, the Little Grandmother

What the Seer sees
is the miracle 
and the inter-dependence 
of all life:
the rainbow in the dewdrop,
the blade of grass softly sipping,
the spiderweb trembling
on the breeze,
the fly who provides
the spider's meal,
after he has eaten
the flea.

It is the essence of love
that births all life
on this planet.
At a cellular level,
we remember
that we come from love
and to love
we shall return.

Nature shows us
our inter-connection
with all life,
as it sings and dances
through the years
striving for

The Watcher
at the feast
is warning: Caution!
Take only what you need,
and then give back.
Mother Earth
is calling for
your protection.
Human imbalance
is toppling
the bounty
of her flow.

The Seer says:
It is not too late.
You are here
at this moment in time
to give love
and positive energy
towards the transformation
of consciousness
that is trying 
to birth itself
on this planet.

Live from your hearts
and have no fear,
for soon
you will see
a more beautiful earth
than you ever 
could have dreamed.

Blessed Be.

Kids, I am reading Little Grandmother's Message for the Tribe of Many Colors. Keisha Crowther is The Little Grandmother, a Seer who brings us messages from the spirit world about the Great Shift  about to happen on earth: the immense spiritual transformation which has been prophesied by almost all ancient and indigenous cultures. Naturally, I am loving it. You can find out more about her, and watch some of her AMAZING videos, at her website here


  1. This is a message, a poem, for all mankind .. for all time.

  2. So many people can 'feel' this shift happening Sherry. It's as if time itself is speeding up and we can feel something big is about to occur. I just hope a lot of us are ready for it because as with your Little Grandmother and others like her, I too feel that whatever is going to happen, is going to happen with or without we humans left to witness it.
    Another fabulous piece of prose form your pen Sherry. I think Keisha Crowther would be thrilled to know she inspired these words.

  3. What a lovely write Sherry.
    The mother is waiting for us to acknowledge the great transition and transform with it.

    Blessings to this earth.

  4. Beautiful message here, Sherry!


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