Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colorado Moon

Your eery beauty
draws my eyes
the heart
of a candle's flame,
but I know
your color,
against the navy sky,
is because
the forests, 
the houses
and the wildlife
all are burning.

Horses and humans flee fire

Sugar Doodle, after rescue

* photos from news sources on google

Kids, the red moon was beautiful, but it hurt to look at it, knowing our neighbors, both human and animal,  in Colorado and Montana, are suffering. I so admire the heroic firefighting efforts that are beginning to contain the fires. And my heart is lifted by the rescue efforts of emergency response teams,  the SPCA, and the Wildlife  people, who are trying to assist humans and animals impacted by this disaster.

Our skies, even as far north as Vancouver Island, are smogged by the neighboring fires, and it is hard to enjoy a summer afternoon, knowing so many lives have been turned upside down this week.

One scientist was quoted as saying: "This is what global warming looks like." I look at Sugar Doodle's coat, and my heart shrivels with pain, and then expands. Someone saved this critter. Wildlife workers tranquilized and carried out a huge moose who had succumbed to smoke inhalation. 

In the face of the overwhelming, it is all we can do, as humans: do what is in front of us, help whichever creature or person is in need. Clean up this planet, one inch, one mess, one human and one creature at a time.


  1. So sad about all the human life and wildlife, not to mention homes and businesses and trees and habitats, etc. that have been impacted by those awful fires. Breaks my heart.

  2. This is so sad Sherry ~ My heart goes out to the poor animals and devastated forest life ~

  3. It is indeed what global warming looks like and, i's not going to get any better as we continue to poison our planet and atmosphere. The sad thing is, what the heck kind of planet will the grandchildren inherit.
    Thank goodness for those men (and women ) who put their own lives at risk to help the people and animals to survive these fires Sherry.

  4. I send them prayers and blessings. My heart aches for the suffering of all these people and animals.

  5. your wise musings show the path of hope. thank you.

    Wishing you a pleasant week with
    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  6. This is an aspect of the fire that I had not thought of. sad

  7. I love your last comment about cleaning up, Sherry..."one inch, one mess, one human and one creature at a time"!

    If we each did that assiduously, just think how much gentler a place our planet would be...:)

  8. Disasters can be awful. Where lives are threatened it would make it far worst. But if this is what global warming is then that can be real tough. It takes time for it to happen but when it does to reverse it would be monstrous. I just wonder if enough is done? I don't think so Sherry! It's waiting to happen some years down the road!


  9. This makes my heart hurt, you are so right!
    Thank u for sharing this powerful message

  10. beautiful and heart breaking poem and images Sherry. I have family in Colorado...they are all safe, but the devastation is wrenching for all living beings.


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