Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saving the World

Yesterday was my day with Damian, which always provides me with a few stellar moments. Walking along the trail to the lake I was telling him that this spot used to be a party spot for locals, and to be careful as there was quite a bit of broken glass on the ground - which led to my search for "beach glass" to put in a container on my window ledge for the sun to shine through. I said "If I live long enough, I'll fill the jar up."

As we got to the spot, we began excitedly finding glass - mostly brown beer bottle glass, but the occasional green and some very rare and prized blue. We ended up with an unexpectedly good amount in our little bucket, and Damian said, "See? You will live long enough!"

It isnt beach glass, but it is colored glass - redneck-party-get-gooned-and-smash-everything glass. But it will do until the real thing comes along.

As the afternoon heated up, I retreated to sit in the shade of a bush. Damian called me over to see something and I said "I'm too tired and hot." He said, "Get over here! It's NAY-chur!!!!!" 

Cracked me right up - he had found teeny little plants under a rock, growing impossibly under and among the rocky surface.

There was much going back and forth with buckets of water and I noticed a plant that looked desperately in need of a drink. I suggested Damian pour a bucket on the roots. Told him how grateful the little bush must be for the unexpected drink. So then he  really got into it, and gave lots of little bushes drinks.

"I'm saving the world!" he crowed happily, as I thought to myself, yes, he definitely was, one small bush at a time. Kids are so great!


  1. A boy after my own heart. When I moved to Alberta, and we found our little hobbit house with its huge yard, there was mostly grass around here. Some flowers at the edge, yes, but mostly lawn. So I began planting trees and bushes. I still want more.
    Today started off as a good day for the sprinklers, overcast and not too hot, but the sun has come out. Maybe this evening I'll get more watering done.

  2. Ahhh..."NAY Chur"....Haha... Love it!
    You are teaching him such wonderful things he will never forget Sherry. You cannot get a better human than one who truly cares about NAY chur... with a passion. He has such a dear smile, cute face and... a lovely teacher in YOU.
    Three cheers for saving the planet one plant at a time :)

  3. With children there are always adventures. You make the most of them. Salute'.

  4. he is such a sweetie :D YAY DAMIAN...saving the world one small bush at a time!!!

  5. What a wild-child!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful day with us. It's a real "bring-a-smile-to-my-heart" post.

  6. Psst, he amiga, just a reminder that your 'life' is not measured just by time of this mundane existence. I know you know this but you mentioned that you will fill the jar if time permits. If the jar has but one piece of glass placed in there by your hand,it will be full in the eyes of Damian.

    Gracias for sharing mi amiga

  7. He looks so sweet too ~ I like filling up the jar with little things and bits of shells ~

  8. He is adorable and a green thumbed poet in the making :D
    I love this post~


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