Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Imperfect Beauty

our days
 are measured out
in imperfect beauty.

we must pluck
the jeweled moments
from the littered landscape,
hold them up to the sun,
tilt them back and forth,
in awe,
for these moments
- right now -
are precious
beyond imagining,
and are all
we have.


  1. Beautiful Post.
    I envy people who can write poetry!


  2. a lot of truth in this sherry....we see what we want when we look at the present moment...we can find the beauty in the dross or let the other overwelm us..imperfect beauty...love that...

  3. So true Sherry and how nicely you express it. I hope I learn more and more how to live in the moment.

  4. Yes, let me not overlook in my day the bits and pieces that make for its beauty. A beautiful poem.

  5. I like holding and tilting them back and forth like wine ~ Lovely share dear ~

  6. This is so true, all we have is the now in all of its imperfect beauty.
    I really SMILED at your use of *Freaking ...lol Giggled out loud when I saw it ...lol

  7. Oh, so very beautifully said and such a needed reminder. Thank you for the wisdom in your words, Sherry. :)

  8. A perfect little piece of wisdom, my friend! Celebrating small, shining moments makes the dross easier to navigate...:)

  9. Wonderful! So much insight in this gem! We must continue to find the jeweled moments! Wow...love it!
    So your view~

  10. Wonderful poem...just a lovely flow and so true!


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