Thursday, July 26, 2012

Captain: now released

Captain, the German Shepherd

Warning: Disturbing to animal lovers.

What's sixty or seventy pounds of pure love on paws?
Who loves you as completely and unconditionally  as your dog?
No matter what?

Who has no voice, yet speaks volumes about trust and devotion with every wag of his tail,
every doggy smile, every glance from his eyes?

Captain was two years old, living with a man currently under charges for "an unrelated domestic incident". The dog was found near death, beaten, stabbed, with brain and spinal injuries, in a dumpster in Kitsilano, in Vancouver recently. He was rescued and treated with everything animal medicine could offer, but he succumbed to his injuries the next day. There is an on-going investigation, before charges can be laid. Investigators removed a thick chain, a baseball bat and a Swiss army knife from the premises. 

A resident living  in the same apartment building as the dog and dog owner overheard the terrible sounds of what he later learned was the dog being savagely beaten. He is quoted as saying, "The sound of that beating will never leave my head."

What is the next sound you hear? My heart breaking. 

Captain, I am so sorry. 

Ella's prompt at the Thursday Think Tank today is: Sound. But this is too much of a downer to link. I always say if the animals can live such abuse, I can bear witness. But it is getting too disheartening, and happening too often these days. My heart is getting too full of unshed tears. It's heavy with pity for all the innocents.

Captain, I hope you are running free in sunny fields, with all the other dogs in Heaven. Look for a big black wolf. He'll show you all the best spots.


  1. There is nothing like the love of an animal. Did I fully read this? No, I could not. But, I new that I could not ... so I came to pay respect to you and to him.

  2. This is heartbreaking Sherry. To think that all dogs do is want to love us and to be so cruelly treated and abused. I hope the dear dog is in doggie heaven now and being well loved and taken care of. The trouble is because it's an animal human punishment never fits the crime.
    I wasn't going to read it because I knew for sure it would upset me but then, if we all turn a blind eye we are as bad as the perpetrator.
    What a sad ending for that dear soul. I hope they charge this man with all that they can and then some. B*stard

  3. This breaks my heart....dogs ...animals have such soft and loving souls...this kind of news that is so prevalent is so sickening.

    Your wolf and my passed dogs...Chaos will be with Captain now...yes running in lush fields.

  4. This is utterly heartbreaking. I knew I should have heeded your warning. The poor darling, so young, and trusting his master implicitly.
    Good dogs DO go to heaven, I'm sure of it.
    Luv, K

  5. This is so sad and heartbreaking. I can't understand how someone could be so cruel. It happens way too often. At least now the poor thing is free.

  6. How awful. Indeed hard to read.

  7. people are horrible. you can bet that person was beating the hell out of some humans, too. i'm sorry to hear this, remember when you posted it earlier, and wonder only whether maybe Captain is no longer in pain and maybe that is for the good. he was well tended and loved by those who cared for him in the end, i'm betting. xoxo to you Sherry

  8. This is so sad. I can't fathom the evilness that humans transgress against all other life.

    Against a life that provides humans with so much love, unconditionally, and some lash out at them knowing this evil action will get the most reaction out of others.

  9. It is never right. And we have to admit it is not only a person who is responsible. It is our humanity which is at risk.

  10. This is so sad Sherry.....breaks my heart as well....:-(

  11. Oh, Sherry. I'm crying with you now. Dogs have such trusting and loving souls. It's inconceivable to me how people could do this. I do hope he's happy and running free now. I'd send my departed poodle to welcome him, but he was a nasty little stinker ;)

  12. This is so sad Sherry ~ How terrible we can be to animals ~ I hope he is running free in sunny fields ~

  13. This makes me feel physical ill~
    So horrific n' sad....I too hope he finds beauty in his afterlife...
    This makes my heart hurt...


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