Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Afternoon at the Lake

Jackson Pollock #5

Ella's prompt at Poets United's Thursday Think Tank features the controversial style of artist Jackson Pollock, who dripped paint from a can onto the canvas and often used grit and glass to make the work textured and "interesting". I have mixed feelings as to this form of art, as did many of his day. But this canvas spoke to me.

On a blue-green day,
puffy picture-book clouds
against a kindergarten-blue sky,
I show
another little boy
the wonder of 
an eagle's flight,
the beauty of
green against blue,
the joy of
water and sand -
lessons he will take
into adulthood:
nature, balm and blessing,
breath and beauty.


  1. How very beautiful - lessons like these last a lifetime.

  2. So much to be taught, so much to be learned. And sometimes the teacher can learn from the learner at the same time he/she is teaching.

  3. Those closing lines are breathtaking!

  4. So precious... love kindergarten sky! Oh, and he's very lucky!

  5. Sherry,

    I like the peacefullness and the reality you have written about. A more placid image.

    Hope all is good with you Sherry,
    Best Wishes,
    Eileen :)

  6. ah, teaching the important things so often overlooked. Well done

  7. This is many lessons and the ending is healing...I needed it today.

  8. Aw. I love the lessons from a kindergarten sky. Beautiful work Sherry.

    The little boy is adorable. (Your grandson?)

  9. Lovely words of wonder ~ He is a treasure indeed ~

  10. I love this line:
    "against a kindergarten-blue sky"

    And the ending.

  11. He is adorable and he will remember these wonderful lessons, from you!
    I loved it..especially the kindergarten-blue sky?
    Is that Sebastian? ;D
    He is adorable...
    I'm glad you shared your view~

  12. He appears to be a very sensitive little soul already! And handsome too.

  13. Wonderful sensitive piece..

    Jackson Pollock is not one of my favorite artists. At least this style, but leave it to a sensitive eye like yours to turn lemons into lemonade for me.

    Gracias mi amiga

  14. Your poem is so much better than the painting and your canvas of the boy's youth so much more alive.

  15. The lessons you leave here are gold!! I'm so blessed by your thoughts!

  16. Awwww... he will never forget.

    I have no idea how I've missed reading so many of your posts (slaps wrist)

  17. I love how children are so receptive to nature! And what a cutie! Beautiful poem, Sherry! And Happy Birthday!!!

  18. Kindergarden-blue sky is my favourite phrase. Lovely poem.


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