Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Song of the River

The Narrows, Stamp Falls

Song of the river wild,
Song of the rapids leaping
Through the chiseled rock-walled chasm
Green with weeping,
A plunging torrent
To the ocean seeping

Song of the sea-green foam
Song of the white froth dancing
Sun-dappled baby wave-tops prancing
In the sunshine, all my dreams

Song of the green rock wall,
A vessel for the river's journey,
Guiding the flow along the channel churning
To the ocean and as it's

Song of the tall green trees
Rootbound and stoic in the deep crevasses,
Rooted in bedrock holding up the mountain,
Sentinels for every year
that passes

Song of the laughing brook
Below the rapids green, swirling and babbling
Huge salmon leap,
Fall back in shallows dabbling,
Plunge forth to lunge again,
Leaping and scrabbling

Song of the river wild,
You sing my tattered soul a new song,
Bless the silver beauty of this new day,
Make me know the path I'm on
Is not wrong.

Song of the seasoned soul
That knows the underlying message
Of the river:
Flow with me,
Not against me as we journey;
Travel lightly,
Not a taker,
But a giver.

I am posting this from way back in my archives, because it is my favorite river poem, and I know I cant write it any newer or better. This is my photo of Stamp Falls, my favorite place in the Valley, as it is the wildest.

Linked to Poetry Jam, where Peggy's prompt is : Rivers of Life


  1. Aww..this is delightful Sherry. I have a piece of video what I took at another fav piece of a different river near where I used to live, looks very similar to this too.
    There is no doubt in my mind and, from reading this lovely piece, that your heart truly resides with nature and in the wilds of these type of scenes.
    Fabulous write and, a truly beautiful piece of your fav river Sherry.

  2. Beautiful pic and wonderful wonderful lines to go with it....
    Enjoyed seeing the river......

  3. I liked the line "you sing my tattered soul a new song." How lovely! Doesn't being in the wild near water always make us feel that way?

  4. mmm lovely sherry....i am a nature nut...went waterfall sliding the other week...think of it as a rode the river a bit...i could hear the song in your words...just like it do when i am here...and love and agree with the wisdom you find there...

  5. Lovely river images Sherrie and the photo too is beautiful. I love your idea of the songs of the river.

  6. Beautiful, Sherry. You have definitely captured the essence of river here! I can really see how strongly the topic resonated with you.

  7. I remember this lovely piece....still beautiful and full of wisdom. I specially like the last stanza: flowing with the journey ~

  8. Love how you used music and movement to describe the river ... very nice.

  9. Gorgeous place and your sentiments are as honest and as beautifully rendered, as always!!! Thank you, Sherry!

  10. Beautiful, Sherry! The rhyming adds so much musicality to this.

  11. Sherry, this is beautiful and heartfelt. I love the rhythm throughout it. I haven't been here in ages to read your writings. I've been so busy and generally you are not a the few sites I frequent. I hope all is well with you.


  12. There is so much poetry in this photo. I especially like the last stanza of this write. You could craft an amazing calendar of Canadian coast snapshots.

  13. Lovely poem! You captured the river and its magic so well. Full of emotion and vivid images of nature. Great picture, too :)

  14. Beautifully written!

  15. And rivers really do sing songs. If only we can take the time to hear the message of ages!

  16. this is a river song, pure & simple... I love the lilting rhythm, the feeling of "leaping and scrabbling" along with it all the way to the sea. truly beautiful, Sherry - & it's just become my favourite river poem now too :)

  17. HOLD ON

    Whatever comes into your way,
    however bad it is, your day,
    believe in what you cultivate!
    The love will lead to something great.

    ▲ A ▲


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