Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring Rain


As the day fills up with busy-ness:
an elderly friend weeping on the phone,
needing a visit,
places to go,
things to pick up,
the hours ticking by,
may I be as the deer
nibbling grass in the meadow,
grateful for each mouthful 
after the scarcity of winter,
grateful for mobility and grace,
awareness of
the Miracle of Now,
and the glorious response 
of all growing things,
self included,
to the blessing of spring rain.

I know it is summer everywhere else, but summer has still not found us on Vancouver Island. We appear to be living in an endless spring. I am not complaining, given the terrible storms elsewhere, floods, wildfires, devastation. An endless spring is always preferable to unending winter:) Happy July 1st, eh?


  1. We are still waiting for that rain too, Sherry. We had a 30% chance today; but all came to nothing. All is brown. 90 degrees today. 95 tomorrow. All bakes. And do take care of YOURSELF, and remember you cannot do it all.

  2. Happy spring day to you Sherry ~ Love the image of the dear nibbling on grass ~ Happy Canada day ~

  3. The miracle of now is truly a blessing...we never have a very long spring here...I love we are all just burning toast.

  4. Seems we can't get enough "now" can we. I think we're sharing your "summer" here in Cantabria as we've had cool temps and rain most of spring and summer thus far.

    You are a "dear" Sherry. :)

  5. This is a lovely poem - your listening to your friend and not responding critically but trying to cultivate a spirit of gratitude in self. Very simple and elegant. k.

  6. I'm certain the rain is blessing you. I am too.

  7. Sherry, happy belated Canada Day to you. I've been playing Don Quixote with the computer windmills all weekend, finally back online.

    We are scorched earth here in Madison, WI. I don't care if my flowers die, but I'm so concerned about our local farmers. Big Agriculture is trying to buy them out, and I'm afraid if they don't survive this summer, they may have to sell farms that have been in families for generations.

    The Miracle of Now. That's a phrase I just wrote on my "wall" (piece of parchment paper I scrawl on to keep inspired). Thank you for this. Keep warm, and love to you, my friend, Amy


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