Monday, July 16, 2012

The Littlest Angel

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A sad story this morning, kids. When my friend came to pick up Sebastian last night, he told me his youngest son and his wife had just lost their baby. The wife was five and a half months pregnant when the doctors discovered it was horribly compromised, with heart, liver and kidney problems so severe the baby would not make it, and the pregnancy had to be terminated.

The young couple was devastated, of course and are total wrecks right now. It was a baby girl, their first child, and they already had a nursery all ready for her.

They got to hold the baby after it was "born", and someone took a photo of her in her parents' arms. And in the photo, there was a halo around its head.

That is the part of this sad story that really blew my mind. Instantly, I said, "A baby angel!" My friend, the grandpa, nodded. He said, "I dont believe that sort of stuff - but the halo was there, as clear as day."

It was God, letting the parents know their baby had  her wings, and was in Heaven.


  1. How touching Sherry ~ May they be comforted that their angel is in Heaven ~

  2. Its touching....sometimes they just go to comeback with more goodness....

  3. It was God, letting the parents know their baby had her wings, and was in Heaven. - love that

    so true - I hope they are blessed with healthy children.

    God Bless them and you for sharing.

  4. I believe, some souls are so pure they don't need to endure life on this planet to learn their lessons. The little baby girl must have already earned her place with God and the Angels. Heartbreaking for the couple to have to go through. I do hope they can draw comfort in seeing that their baby girl did have that halo. May God bless them and help them through their grief.

  5. So touching and so sad, Sherry! I'm just overwhelmed! It's moments like this that you would wish the parents be blessed with another immediately to ease the pain of the loss!


  6. This story just breaks my heart.

  7. So sad, Sherry. I like what Bren has said. But I also hope that these two are able to have a second child after their horrific loss.


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