Wednesday, July 4, 2012

As She Lay Dying II

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The weighty topic of forgiveness has been offered by Mary over at Poetry Jam. Who was it (besides Oprah) who said "Forgiveness means giving up the hope that the past can be any different"? Oprah also repeats fairly often, "Anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy dies."  Well, now. Let me noodle along this path for a bit.

Driving through the night
to be at her bedside
as she lay dying,
I listened to Caroline Myss
speaking about

"Learning the power 
of forgiveness
is essential
to your spiritual path."

I look up at the moon,
serene in the sky,
shining her light
on the peaceful and the fractious

Just let it all go:
missed connections,
all the words
 it was never possible
to express.

It is the soul's journey now.
All is forgiven,
all will soon
be understood.

"I love you," I say,
looking into her eyes.
"I love you too,"
she mouths,
for the first time, ever.

There is nothing more
that really
needs to be said.

A weight lifts off my heart
as hers flies
out of the window
and away.

Now we both
are flying free.


  1. O, yes, stunning indeed. I learned through so much mental torture by several members of Cathie's that I had so much anger and seething rage inside me that I had to learn to not want to retaliate and to try to just let it all go and, to forgive them in the end too because there is no forward motion for us until we can and do forgive. Not an easy thing to learn to do at all.
    This has to be one of my most fav's of yours so far Sherry.
    Amazing write.

  2. *That should read *Members of Cathie's

  3. Interesting that the dying woman was comforting you, Sherry; giving you a message she perhaps thought you needed to hear, an important piece of her learning. So often it is the other way around, that it is the living who are expected to comfort the dying. Her words were wise too, Sherry; it is no wonder you remembered them.

  4. Sherry this is so beautiful. It makes me think of my mother's death, (except she never said, "I love you." At least, she never articulated the words, but our parting was much about forgiveness.

    Has your friend passed away? Sorry to ask. I'll go back and read some of your other posts. Maybe the answer is there.

  5. Beautifully written. I love the fact that both are now free.

  6. I like that learning to let it all go, forgive and finally to say the words of love ~ It does lift a weight off one's heart ~

    Lovely message Sherry ~

  7. the soul's journey is now. i love that. and i love that entire graph. it was a chunk of wisdom in a piece wise throughout, and lovely.

  8. Oh Sherry, the memories came rushing forward when I read this. My father's story is somewhat similar, yet worse in some ways. I'm glad I came here and read this. It's time to write about forgiveness. Thank you,


  9. Pure love, a look into the eyes to the soul.

  10. Yes, those that are passing from the mundane need no consoling, it is we, the living, who must deal with that.

    A freed soul, ooh sounds so good!

    As always, Sherry, yours is a soulful spirit that has gathered pieces of the soul and spirit of the earth, ie. Pups. We benefit from you're sharing of these walks you've taken in this mundane sojourn.

  11. A stunning poem! And the ending of this is just spot on...learning to forgive and let go truly gives us wings.

  12. for the first time, ever.

    That is a gift and a blessing you have given your friend. You are doing an amazing thing!

  13. tearing me up sherry...the death bed...the place we are all often is still a beautiful thing when they find forgiveness there...smiles

  14. "Learning the power of forgiveness is essential to your spiritual path." Love this ... forgiveness can be so freeing to the soul ...

  15. Excellent of the power of forgiving -- very neat show rather than tell. One of life's important lessons.

  16. beautiful, Sherry - "I love you" spoken for the first time when one has known the other perhaps all one's life, is so powerful (I remember when my mom and I first shared those words - it was not that long ago)

  17. Wonderfully put:
    "Just let it all go:
    missed connections,
    all the words
    it was never possible
    to express."
    I loved those lines...

  18. breathtaking! a parting to be envied!


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