Monday, June 4, 2012


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follow a raven
and find a wolf
hear her gobble-cry,
his soft whuff

up on the ridge
where wild grasses grow
they tarry to listen
while the west wind blows

the wolf sings out
when the full moon beams
hear his howl
threading through your dreams

out on the desert
before the dawn
you can look for his tracks
but he'll be gone

at the end of the trail
near the Joshua Tree
a big black wolf
waits for only me


  1. This is beautiful, Sherry and your use of rhyme adds such cadence to the words. I wish I had a big black wolf waiting for me at the end of the trail.. but there is a whole pack of dogs, for sure.

  2. Yes, he is waiting for you Sherry.

  3. you had me at the first line - very cool

  4. Love it Sherry ~ The last stanza is specially poignant ~

  5. As always, your wolf poems make me feel closer to the earth, Sherry, and my favorite phrase was:
    His soft whuff

    It's the perfect onomatopoeic word and I heard it. Can still hear it when I look at the word. Amazing. Love, Amy

  6. So well said, or "sung" Sherry - your beautiful Pup is there too, believe it ... have you read Jodi Picoult's latest? "Lone Wolf" is a very cool book ...

  7. Yes, indeed, that wolf awaits!! Lovely words, Sherry.

  8. Beautiful tribute to that one who awaits you, Sherry. Really like that last verse.


  9. I agree with Elizabeth, the last stanza is wonderful, although I like the whole poem.

  10. thanks for this. your work satisfies something in me. you've got it down with the wolf. i hear his howl here.

  11. Yes ... he does. I truly love this.


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