Saturday, June 16, 2012

Type A Dream

My dreams would be
somebody else's nightmare.
In them, I am always
looking after multiple children,
all under the age of five,
including twin babies.
I am baking masses of things 
from scratch,
and the cat is giving birth to kittens,
(I dont even have a cat!)

I am running a laundry.
A load of whites simmers
in the big kettle 
over the open fire
(just to make this situation 
slightly more challenging -
no mod cons in MY dreams!)
and there is a cacophony of noise
to keep me rattled and distracted.

Then I wake up.

Thank God.

Waking becomes 
a dream.
Time for tea.
Make mine a double,
after such a busy night.


  1. This is delightful, Sherry. My dreams are similar - trying to solve problems I don't even really have. ;) ha. As if life itself didn't throw enough our way!

  2. i am ALWAYS chasing lost children and cats in my anxiety dreams. ack!

  3. You ARE the original Mother Earth!!

  4. My anxiety dreams see me in a classroom with extra impossible students and some impossible deadline that must be reached.. Waking up is often more restful.

  5. Cor blimey... I remember my mum 'cooking' the whites ...LOL They used to smell sooo fresh though. No wonder you're always tired. Your nights are as busy as your days!!!

  6. Such a cacophony of busy scenarios in your night! Crisp slideshow of intriguing images!

  7. Yikes, running a laundry does sound like a nightmare, especially when you have to boil the clothes. Multiple children under age 5 -- YIKES, even if some of them are little girls!

  8. All that must wake up exhausted...I think my mind is too lazy to dream...

  9. i was also going to say that you must be exhausted by the time you wake up!

    i must say the multiple children and lack of modern conveniences would definitely be a nightmare for me.

  10. In that dream, I am exhausted and only happy to wake up and relax ~

    What a busy night ~ Wishing you happy weekend ~

  11. Ah Sherry, another thing we have in common, strange multi-layered dreams that defy the ability to just stay balanced. Wonderful post,


  12. you wake up exhausted? I would be! I have busy multi tasking dreams like this but thankfully NOT like that exactly! Wow...


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