Thursday, June 28, 2012

Juliet's Dotage

Found this perfect cautionary sign in google

At Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads, Kerry challenged us to take our inspiration from a Shakespearean title or quote. The Bard himself. I am too exhausted to be inspired this week, which has been demanding, but am always up for a humorous slant at such times.

I base my offering on the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, imagining what it might have looked like had both of them grown to be old. Remember?

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon
who is already sick and pale with grief
that thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.

Here goes:

But soft! what is that tapping:
tap, tap, tap?
It is her cane, her other arm outstretched.
How daft! her tilting step the very brink
of yon balcony skirts.
May she not lean too far.
What aging spectre dims the smirking sun?
I tremble with horror at what time has wrought.
Her neck, once swan-like, now has definition naught,
spilling like bedtime candle. Who didst thus plot?
Tis Juliet! How can this be,
my lady-love grown so old?
Can such transformation be time's laughing truth?
Forsooth! and verily, 
verily and forsooth,
methinks yon Juliet,
once so passing fair, 
is now a beldam
grown too long in the tooth.


  1. Oh Sherry! Only you would come up with this angle. Haha! I have often wondered what Juliet's fate may have been if she had not followed Romeo to the grave - the alternative, with candle-melted neck and teetering on the brink of the balcony, seems a whole lot less romantic. But who knows? There could be some go in the old dear still.

  2. I really loved reading this. Truly great mirth-making!

  3. Even the most beautiful young woman eventually becomes old! Yes, this definitely might have been Juliet's fate. This made me smile.

  4. haha, Sherry, what a fun take on romeo's words - had he lived long enough to see the aging of his love, he might well have come to see her thus...

  5. How creative Sherry ~ I like time's laughing truth and a bedtime candle neck ~

  6. Ahh, but true love would have aged right along with her and accepted his and her outcome, don't you think? I sound like a dyed in the wool romantic, don't I? Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.


  7. Fantastic sign you found. Laughed out loud alright.
    And trust the two BC girls to be the ones to take the words of the Bard less than seriously. Good for us!
    LOL again. I love your aged Juliet.

  8. Haha... really laughing out loud here. It just doesn't have that same passion and romance does it, canes and wrinkes, and poor eyesight? But then love has no age limit, does it!
    My friend found love at 72 years young :)
    This was very, very clever Sherry!

  9. Ha! I love your sense of humor! Ah, but now we need Juliet's opinion of her Romeo (great, round, white moon of a belly and head that shines like the sun).

  10. Well, I'm betting Romeo is looking for a little blue pill himself. ;-) I really laughed out loud at this part Sherry:
    Her neck, once swan-like, now has definition naught,
    spilling like bedtime candle. Who didst thus plot?

    When you find out, let me know--I'll help you hold him down and we'll hit him with our canes.

  11. Time's laughing truth revealed a whole lot! Wow, Sherry..this was so fun to read and so well done!
    Shakespeare would think you rather clever! I, too laughed out loud ;D and know you are very clever~

  12. Yes, I agree with Elizabeth, we romantics have to stick together. :)

  13. this is fantastic and so funny are great...

  14. Loved this , Sherry! In theatre school, I aspired to play Juliet on stage...your poem reminds me that I'm long past any chance of that happening.Juliet with a cane just won't cut it...LOL!

  15. Ha. This is precious. Don't know about Juliet, but I sure can relate.

  16. I love this. It happens to all of us, even romantic heroines.

  17. Old women already get laughed at too often. I want to expand my concept and perceptions of beauty.

  18. Oh no..I see the beginnings of a bedtime candle how you aged fair Juliet...I needed a smile and you have given me one!!

  19. My dear Sherry,
    I am sorry, I haven't been keeping up. Why are you exhausted, my dear friend?

  20. Oh, this was so fun! I would LOVE to read a second verse of how she describes him! :)

    Hope your exhaustion is brought on by summer fun... rest up and take care of yourself.


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