Saturday, June 23, 2012

Love is the Open Door

Captives of love,
we circle
the enclosure.

Trapped by our hearts,
we need to stay near,
yet long to fly.

I see you yearning
for the freedom
of wild places.

I hear your 
mournful howl
under the moon.

How can I bear
to ever be
without you?
Yet how can I hold you,
when you're longing
to be free?

One long look:
I know you love me.
A pang in my heart:
I will love you.

You need to gallop, now,
those far wild beaches.
You are
 a wild thing
and you are
no longer tame.

I click the lock
that keeps you
from your freedom.
I take the step
that is so
hard to make.

Off you go,
bounding into
One last look back:
we will

Life moves us
ever towards
the far horizon,
the gift of love,
 the open door.

I am reading a book Part Wild, by Cierwidwen Terrell, about her life with a wolfdog, who was always escaping his kennel, in his urgent need to run free. As I read, she and I are coming to the same conclusion: wild creatures pay too high a price to be with us. I remember Pup's joy when we lived in wilderness. I remember his grief and anger when we were in town and he had to be tied. And his gratitude when the fence was finally built and I unclicked the lock and set him free. He did a little bow to me, and danced in a light-footed circle.

I am still missing my boy, so much. But this book is helping me to know that now, his spirit is running free, as it was always meant to. In each of our journeys, love is always the open door.


  1. I feel your longing for 'Pup' and wish like you that these types of relationships could be everlasting. They may be, but in this realm of transitory existence we must learn to love and let go for only then can we realize the 'freedom' that comes from this and this freedom is an element of love. Pup knows your longing.

    Tu amigo

  2. Sherry, there is no love without freedom. I have been away for awhile, so busy, can not say I am back. But I will come as often as I can.... love you much! Beautiful write, I am privilegded to read it. Thank you.

  3. beautiful, Sherry - the top pic stunning & the poem full of love and longing... & acceptance too, that

    "Life moves us
    ever towards
    the far horizon,
    the gift of love,
    the open door."

  4. It is so very special to be in contact with a wild creature! But they need their space. Many birds gather round our home, but I would hate to cage any of them. That would take away their beauty and their heaven. I just enjoy the opportunity of being around them!

  5. Such a lovely brings tears to my eyes ~

  6. This is so heartfelt but, yes, Nene is so right, the only real love is to share it and then let go. Pup will never leave you, you will never leave him. Your souls connected in love. He is running free and waiting for you when your time to join him arrives. I often have thought it is very wrong to try to tame any wild animals for our own selfish pleasure but at least your Pup was half and half.
    Glad the book you're reading is helping too. Our pets love us so unconditionally, and that is how most of us humans need to also learn to love and also how to let go, isn't it?
    Heartfelt piece Sherry.

  7. A heart-felt write, Sherry. And yes, Pup has his freedom; and maybe you can find a bit of comfort in that and in knowing that you WILL meet him again sometime where he roams free now and awaits.

  8. Your, poem and writing brought made me sad. I love my dogs and often wonder, if really, they were meant to be confined, pets for our pleasure. Still, I couldn't consider setting them free. I tell myself, they have the best life with me. In another world perhaps, we could all be truly free.

    Very good writing Sherry.

  9. This reminds me a bit of the movie "Hildago" where the wild mustang is released back into the wild. Its such a bittersweet thing. I could feel the tug, both ways, in this piece.

  10. My Sundance was like this, too. He never lost his wild nature, and if i didn't let him run sometimes, he became impossible to live with. Even when he was old, he would slip away undetected and have a holiday. Even though they sometimes remind me of each other, in this he and Bosco are total opposites...Bosco is the ultimate homebody. The world officially ends at the edge of his own yard!

  11. Myrna, I could never have been parted from my boy, either, Myrna. The setting free I am trying to do is since his death. I am clinging so hard to him, when his soul likely needs to run free. Just cant let him go.

  12. Sherry this was so very deeply felt and loving. I am really glad for you, you have long deserved some peace. Hugs.

  13. This touched me deeply, Sherry, bringing back memories of my beloved Angel and the gap her loss left in my life. I know we're bound together forever in the Universe, as you are with Pup...such love is boundless and unstoppable...:)

  14. Aww it's so hard to lose a pet. Beautiful heartfelt poem. (And thank you for your visits to my blog :)

  15. I always love to read of your on-going journey with the green-forest wolf, Sherry. (That line was for you.)

  16. This is just achingly beautiful, Sherry.

  17. If the part of him that was wild can be set free, then the part of him that loved you is with you always.
    I'm glad you found a book about another woman and another wolf-dog.
    Love, K

  18. I am grateful this book is offering you comfort Sherry.

  19. There is the letting go on this side of the great divide, and the one after passing over. They seem alike to me, a full sense of being on a trapeze without a net which probably is the GREATEST once we banish fear.

  20. Hi Sherry. Smiles and tears, both. Here's a pen I wrote a while back, for my own black lab. Peace ~ M

  21. Grapeling, thank you for that link. It helped on a day of missing Pup extra much, to read of another beloved black dog's passing. How we miss those devoted loving wonderful great-hearted creatures.

  22. This is a beautiful tribute. I'm so sorry.

  23. Oh... I know, they are with us for far to short a time - and yet WE fill up their world from beginning to end. Sounds like you gave him a wonderful world. :)


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