Friday, June 8, 2012

Wolf Dance

photo from google

There are shapes like ghosts
flitting through the trees.
Do you see them?
Flashes of silver, of gray, shadows 
black and shimmering.
They come loping into the clearing,
leaping and circling,
first, a bow, tails arcing aloft, heads low,
then a joyous sprint, 
paws lifting high
as they run
and weave together.

They have traveled far.
They have found a place
away from Man,
for at least this night.
This night, they are safe.
Today there was food.
Their bellies are full.

Stretching above,
black, like a sorcerer's cloak,
is a sky
all covered
with peekaboo stars.

Tonight is joy,
flashes of silver
under an alabaster  moon.
Tonight, they are dancing.


  1. So vivid, ethereal... I especially like the last stanza.

  2. I am imagining a roaring camp fire ... we sit, encircling it ... dark and quiet surround us ... you read this poem aloud. Perfect!

  3. Oh, Sherry this is gorgeous. I love how personal and real you make wolves to us here and I am so moved by the description of night sky. Beautiful words!

  4. You can tell you also have part wolf spirit in you Sherry. You really do 'get' them.
    I feel so sad and sorry for what man has done to these magnificent creatures. Maybe one day we'll realise but, I doubt it, man is too selfish and will only care when the last beast is dead and there's nothing to kill to eat or thrill but grass.

  5. Stunning! Beautiful wolf tale. I love the idea that they are dancing!

  6. I not only see them but hear them in your words dancing to the muse.

  7. Sherry, this is beautiful. All the imagery is so close you can touch it.

  8. Such a beautiful image and mystical tale you tell. I believe they dance, have seen them do so.


  9. They ... like much of nature are blessed to have you as a guardian.

  10. Love your wolf poems. I just get foxes here...less inspirational.

  11. Love the voice of the wild you give to the wolves...they are such beautiful creatures.

  12. I like it when your pen takes the wolf spirit...I specially like the last stanza...moon dancing ~

  13. LoveloveloveloveLOVE "peekaboo stars." LOVE.


  14. Excellent. Makes me want to get up and dance - almost!

  15. Gorgeous! I felt like I was seeing your dream come alive~ I love the peekaboo stars and how I know this makes your spirit dance!~


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