Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Dream Whose Time Has Come

[photo of the Dadaab refugee camp, in Kenya, where 
almost 500,000 refugees live.
AFP file, Tony Karumba] 

"There cannot be peace without justice."
Benjamin Creme

Yesterday on the news, they were talking about the four NGO aid workers abducted by armed gunmen in Kenya, near the above refugee camp, close to the Somali border. It is ironic that those abducted were there to help the people. But there is an anger that festers in people who have next to nothing, in a world where some countries live in terrible excess, and avert their eyes to such utter desperation. The terrible unfairness of a world system based on continuing such imbalance is the biggest obstacle to peace.

Right now, I am reading a slim tract on the state of the world, that contains everything positive and hopeful, including the possibility - and the need -  for world governments to come together to assess the needs of all, then redistribute resources in a more equitable manner. 

The will of a turning tide of people on this planet can effect this transformation of consciousness. It is possible. Each of us adding our voice, our little bit of positive,  doing what we can where we are, helps to assist this transformation. I'll go along with that, because it is better to live in hope than in despair.

If we direct
our thoughts, words, 
energy and action,
no matter how small,
in a positive manner,
and to bringing 
our unique gifts
to the table of life........ 

If we add our voice
to the clarion call
for peace in our time,
to the rising demand 
for social justice,
so all may share
in the global bounty........

If we join hands,
we can, like Sisyphus,
push this toppling boulder
of planetary transformation
up and over the mountaintop.

We can assist in the birth
of the thousand years of peace,
equality, and harmony
we have been promised.

Until every man, woman and child
can come to the planetary table
and be fed,
until the Have countries
and governments
are willing to take
a little less,
so others may have
a little more........

this may sound like 
an impossible dream.
But it is a Possible dream.
It is a dream
whose time has come.

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