Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Begging Bowl

What will fill
my begging bowl 
lightly misting
thirsty plants,
an elderly widow,
lonely, in need of my
company, my hug,
willow trees,
long branches draping
over the pond,
two loud startled ducks,
flapping and
quacking away.

And, today,
a birthday-
 a great-grandson,
six years old.
Another year has
come and gone
so fast.

The bowl is filling up.
I need not even ask.
Each blessed day,
God fills 
my empty cup.


  1. It's amazing how fast that bowl fills up, isn't it? There is never a lack..... (And happy birthday to your great-grandson!)

  2. A beautiful truth Sherry....i love the way you can make us see the blessings all around us. You are an inspiration to many! :-)

  3. Life does fill our begging bowl with wonderful gifts, if we choose to see them, doesn't it Sherry?
    Happy Birthday to your great grandson.
    Another lovely write from you :)

  4. I've never thought of it quite this way, Sherry, but it is beautiful. Thank you.
    And congratulations to the 6-year-old and his family. Such a special age!

  5. Ahh, another year. How swiftly that bowl is filled and then refilled, again and again.


  6. Happy Birthday to your grandson! The bowl needs a cake! Beautiful blessings in this bowl~

  7. Your bowl is overflowing ... a good thing!

  8. yes - one robe one bowl and a focus on blessings...a monk's life

  9. What I love most about your work Sherry is that pure authenticity pour onto the page, authentic love for all whom you encounter or think of. And it makes me smile. Het I am over at Crow's Fete again. (((hugs))). Liz

  10. Sensitive and beautiful! Love the wealth of images tumbling into your cup! Methinks it overflows!

  11. ...and if it doesn't fill up, you can always bean those cheapskates with the bowl!


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