Thursday, June 14, 2012


Poets United's prompt today is Opportunity. "When one door closes, another opens." Hmmm. I've had lots of closing doors, I can relate:) Check out the other poets, posting at Poets United. This topic is a great opportunity to read some good poems, hee hee.

When the door closes
so fast, it hits you on the bum
on the way out,
look around
and congratulate yourself
on this wonderful opportunity
to experience
turning down
an unexpected path.

There may be dragons,
but there might, also or instead,
be lovely maidens, handsome princes,
glorious adventures,
or, at the very least
a few devoted dogs
with loving eyes,
to make up for
what you missed
not going the other way. 


  1. Sherry,

    This is very much a 'Sherry' composition!! I love the optimism threaded throughout.
    Very much in favour of meeting and taking chances....

    Thank you for your encouraging words inviting poets to greet and meet others with a sharing visit :)

    Eileen :)

  2. "a few devoted dogs with loving eyes" is definitely a Sherry phrase. Enjoyed this, my friend!

  3. I've been meaning to check out your blog and I love it! Love this poem especially. It's very relatable and your optimistic nature makes it a great read as well.

    -Brittney J

  4. Well, that is as positive a take on a door closing and hitting a person in the bun as I've ever seen! LOL.

  5. We don't know the blessing of a closing door, but this certainly points out what it might it!

  6. yep, hard to find the positive in that closed door sometimes... good stuff

  7. yep, hard to find the positive in that closed door sometimes... good stuff

  8. the dogs are gods, with worlds within them that we get to visit just by going for walks in the woods with them. you have capitalized on that opportunity:)

  9. Sherry,

    One doesn't need an optometrist to see the optimism in this. You can hear the next opportunity knocking twice.

    one of your "few devoted dogs"


  10. Brilliant opening lines. They cracked me up. I was still chuckling at the end, thinking even the dragons might offer an opportunity or two!

  11. Smiling here.... My dog would totally agree, as, I'm sure yours do :)

  12. I love the positive spin ~ Of course more lovely things await us ~

    Happy weekend ~

  13. I too love the positive spin...and the lovingly dog eyes! Yes, always a few dragons to slay, always ;D
    I liked your take on the prompt

  14. 'A few devoted dogs with loving eyes'......a lovely phrase. Obviously heartfelt.

  15. Fantastic!
    I let out a little gasp/chuckle at the end, and read it again!
    It's marvellous in meter, very nicely paced, a steady, honest gaze - and yet, the lightest touch on the deepest of matters!
    What to do with the unexpected?
    Really nice.

  16. Excellent philosophy! I especially like the dogs along the new way.

  17. I really like your look at this, Sherry, it is really a gentle way to be with oneself. I think I could learn from this. I just feel an incredible sense of weight with lots of yes or no situations presented. Nicely written!

  18. This is wonderful because it is joyful!


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