Sunday, June 3, 2012

Making Friends With the Color Blue

Blueprint dvd

Kerry's Sunday mini-challenge at Real Toads is to write about the blues,
or the color blue. This sprang to mind, hee hee.

In your sixties, one must
make friends
with the color blue.
Blue skies make getting up
gray, Impossible
for you.

The raccoon rings
under one's eyes
are tinged pale blue;
so are feet and hands 
when blood
has such a hard time
getting through.

The emotions are tinged
faintly blue
with melancholy
for times past.
One counts up losses
on an abacus
of the heart.
The years
flew by
too fast.

Dark blue once was
the color of one's eyes,
lushly rimmed with eyelashes,
now faded pale;
above, bald eyelids,
sparser eyebrows - ack!
Someone hand me
an eyeliner, quickly
so I can draw them back!

But the blues once felt
for lack of Romance
are gone,
that convoluted
state that felt,
at times, 
a trap.
Now, the fondest wish
I tend to dwell upon
is whether there will be
time, later, for
a nap!

(Just kidding - sort of! 
If Wild Woman ever falls in love again,
she is going to have to eat a lot of words! 
But, with bald eyes, this is not likely:))


  1. Never say never!~! On falling in love again. I have a friend who fell in love at the tender age of 72 happens :)

  2. Sherry! This is delightful. Love those eyebrows lines (a dear friend of mine has made me promise that when she dies, I will be sure they've drawn hers properly.) ;)

    I adore Wild Woman, and can't imagine someone NOT falling in love with her. May her heart's abacus (LOVE that) beat true, and count many joys.


  3. This definitely made me smile! Especially the part about a nap being a fondest wish. (And you never can rule out love......)

  4. Trust you to take the word blue to a whole different level, Sherry. This made me smile. Thank heavens beauty shines from under the skin.

  5. your light-hearted touch here was fun and also cleverly allowed you to say very meaningful things, like shades of blue:)

  6. So could relate to this..where's my eyeliner? And about the romance..odds are against it..not much interest. But, it's true..we never know what the future may hold. Love the playfulness in this.

  7. Wild woman ~ bangs on one's forehead cover a multitude of flaws! Great bluesy poem.

  8. Ha! My eyebrows stop cold in the middle, i always have to draw the outer half in with a pencil! No mention of blue hair???

  9. Yes, and you kindly skipped those blue vein thingies that didn;t used to be there. O well. I rely on a lush fantasy life, myself, and I assure you--in it I'm totally stunning. ;_)

  10. this may be the bluest of them all...on every And never sell that love short, lest it come and bite ya in the ass one more time. Loved it.

  11. well, i'm in love with you, for that it's worth.

  12. You speak of the reflection in the mirror that looks back at all of us. And, if I fall in love again, Hmmm? Sadly, I struggle with falling in love with myself so that other's can also but that's my reflection.

    Wonderful reflection, mi amiga!

  13. I love you, lack of eyebrows and all! And Hedge beat me to the blue cheese thighs!

  14. "One counts up losses
    on an abacus
    of the heart"

    I love this,Sherry!! Great blues poem!

  15. You can get the eyebrows tattooed on--and they are permanent!

  16. Oh those gray hair blues..I hear you. Love your take on the blues challenge..I can sing along to this one. :)

  17. I love my greying hair! It's short and doing a Jamie Lee Curtis sort of thing. But the blues? Yes, all over the place for us older women. And yet love may be just around the corner, honey. Never say never.

    Oh - and this will make you laugh - I once heard a parody of Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" called "Blue Hairs Driving in my Lane," about pokey old lady drivers. Had to laugh... and laugh more as I become one of those old ladies! Love, Amy

  18. Oh, dear...I could relate to this only too well...LOL!


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