Sunday, June 17, 2012


I see dVerse has a theme of Exile......interesting.

She feels shunned by her community,
judged by people of closed minds
who do not understand 
the spaciousness of her outlook
and the flight of her spirit,
so accustomed are they
to keeping their eyes on the ground -
and on each other.

They do not see her radiance, 
how she shines,
or her compassion,
so generous,
or the fact that she is
living her truth
and being honest with herself,
and why should that bother them so much?
Why do they want
to keep her chained
to an anchor that can only 
drag her backwards
and underwater?

Secure in their little cliques,
they gossip about
a girl who never said
an unkind word
about any of them.

Her eyes look sad.
Her mother tells her
"It is their loss!
Find people whose spirits
want to soar, like yours,
and leave them
in your dust."

The girl has been
down this road
There is no way to fit
a spacious mind
into  the confines
of a small box.
God knows, she tried.

Her mother wants
to nudge her off the branch,
is waiting to see her
soaring through the sky,
alive and free.

She knows it will happen.
Once one
has tasted flight,
there is no going back.

for Lisa


  1. This is beautiful, Sherry! May she soar and show them all!!

  2. Beautiful as always. You giving your voice is the wind underneath her wings which will not only help her soar but will also inspire those of like wishes, those also wanting to soar.

    Tu amigo

  3. No exile here, pure freedom. Kudos.

  4. You set your own boundaries! She should not be bothered by what others think. Feel free! That's good advice from her mother. Beautiful verse Sherry!


  5. I was one of those girls. Quiet (except when I was with a close group of fellow outcasts), misunderstood, made fun of. Telling myself cliques didn't matter when, deep down, I didn't want to belong to them, but simply didn't want to endure their taunts. This is so right, so real, so good. Lisa, you go, girl, stick to your better angels! Sherry, great work. Peace, Amy

  6. this is gorgeous Sherry...God blesses those with spacious minds.

  7. Ahh Sherry, what fabulous synchronicity. You have described Bella. Other people want us to be whatever will allow them to feel more at ease and comfortable. When we acquiesce (sp), we become even more uncomfortable than they are.


  8. I need to say i was moved by your words and cant agree more


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