Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Wolf of My Heart

Black and silver shadows
flit among the trees,
ears alert
for the sound 
of other creatures
in the bush,
tails plumed, arching
over supple backs:

And then
I see you:
black against 
your silver pack.
Your steps slow.
Your eyes meet mine.
Your head tilts back.
You sing
a mournful howl.

My eyes bless every 
moving muscle,
every hair,
from nose
to tip of tail.
I miss you,
it hurts,
but seeing you
brings joy
for, in those 
fleeting moments,
you live again.

Last night I was walking with my little friend Sebastian, and we met another boy walking his black dog, who looked like Pup, only smaller. The boy said she had been rescued from a pack of feral dogs living and breeding with the wolves on Meares Island. That made her one of Pup's relatives. I rescued him in the same way.

When we went back inside, there was a film about wolves on National Geographic. My heart lifted at the beauty of these glorious creatures moving across the screen. Mostly silver wolves....but some black. And one looked exactly like my boy, Pup. How the heart can feel joy and pain at the same time. How I still miss my guy.


  1. Lovely ! Only you can write about pet animals continuously and beautifully :)

  2. Awwww... That must have made your day to see a pup that may have been one of his!~!
    Yes, I know how the joy and pain at the same time feels.

  3. Lovely words Sherry ~ I like it best when you write about your Pup ~

  4. Oh, Sherry, that must have been such a bittersweet time for you -- knowing you were encountering one of Pup's relatives. Loss is so hard, isn't it?

  5. Companionship to appreciate and to adore. That is the beauty of having pets which are treated better than human at times. You must have moments of Joy untold with Sebastian, Sherry! Thanks for sharing!


  6. bless every moving muscle. cool piece.

  7. Given enough time those jagged edges of heart will smooth.

  8. Beautiful poem! I feel like Pup did visit you in spirit~ Sebastian must of loved his outing and you seeing one like Pup...was hard, but a sign. I feel....xo


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