Tuesday, July 3, 2012

At Poets United, Mary's Vice/Versa prompt today is to  use the four words HUMBLE / PROUD and ABUNDANCE / LACK in a poem. This is something I have often noted:

Those who live with
scarcity and lack,
often are humble of heart
and filled with gratitude.

In many ways,
they seem
richer in spirit
than the haughty, proud owners
of material abundance,
for whom "too much"
is often perceived as
"not enough".


  1. Wonderful wisdom filled words as always!! I was looking for an appropriate space to say you've been awarded: The Sunshine Reader Appreciation Award!! Come see!


  2. true, so true. thanks for this, right now, Sherry. i'm feeling one of those "why can't i just get a break, everything is so hard" moments. perspective!

  3. Yes, Sherry, sometimes those who live with scarcity of material goods are rich in ways which are much more important. Wise words, Sherry.

  4. A lovely nugget of truth, Sherry. A loving heart and generosity of spirit are the true riches we can accumulate and share...:)

  5. Haughtiness and seeing enough as not enough is indeed unattractive.

  6. This is one of the great mysteryies. How can people with such much have so little of value inside?

  7. Oh, I couldn't agree with you more on this. so much of the world seems to only worship money and greed now.
    But, if we have love and share love in abundance, we are rich beyond measure.
    Lovely Sherry!

  8. Beautifully written. Makes me wonder just how 'grateful' I am when I'm eating lobster, and how 'reminded' when doing gruel!

  9. So very true... The world around only recognizes - Wealth, Status and Outer Beauty.

    Your Poem speaks Words of Wisdom. Really nice to read and contemplate over.


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