Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bodhisattvas of the Morning

Sherry Marr photo

Chris Lowther photo

Chris Lowther photo

Chris Lowther photo

Chris Lowther photo

Row upon row 
of Bodhisattvas,
they stand -
green, peaceful warriors,
kind, gentle beings,
habitat for birds
and wild creatures -
patiently absorbing our carbon,
breathing out healing oxygen
and peace.
Walking the trails,
we are transported
to a world of silent well-being.
Holding hands under the forest floor,
they send each other messages
of hope and support.
They tell the others
we have arrived.
They stand, listening,
watching us with benevolence,
spreading their arms protectively
to shelter us, shade us, keep us cool.
We enter their world of green
and emerge transformed.

And in return,
they ask only
that we let them live.

For my prompt Wednesday at Real Toads: Natural Wonders, to write about a natural wonder that amazes us. I am fortunate to live within walking distance of these beauties.  Nature's design constantly blows me away. Especially how trees breathe out what we breathe in, a necessary symbiosis.

I am also astounded by how far mankind has disconnected from the natural world. We are reaping the results of that disconnection now. The forests are cut down and the planet is heating up.

This was also shared with Poets United. 


  1. My goodness such breathtakingly beautiful pictures, Sherry!❤️ I agree with them being "green, peaceful warriors," may mankind realize their worth!

  2. My best days were spent amid the trees... Thanks!

  3. Trees (and rocks)... they are beautiful as is your poem.

  4. I have called myself a "sister to trees" because I have learned so much from them. The photos are fantastic, and so are your words. We must defend the trees, or perish from our own stupidity.


    1. I love the global movement called Tree Sisters, whose aim is to plant a billion trees world wide this year.

    2. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Such a simple equation - we breathe in what trees breathe out, yet people don't get it.

  6. Stunning and so very touching.

  7. Those trees are so majestic and beautiful, Sherry! You’ve captured their spirits in these lines. I love that you call them ‘green, peaceful warriors’.

  8. I breathed in your words and experience. Enriching.

  9. The last stanza breaks my heart. I will never understand humanity's insistence on killing itself, one murdered tree at a time. You'd think a being said to be intelligent would stop this horror, if not because it's right, perhaps in the name of self-preservation.

  10. Why do we destroy the very things that give us life? It breaks my heart what we are doing to earth and its precious inhabitants.

  11. Glorious photos, and words of deep truth.

  12. Trees are the best air scrubbers we have. Scientists must be jealous.
    Thank you for this nice prompt, Sherry. I've been Terribly busy today so I ginned up 40 syllables and posted and got busy again. Not my plan last midnight.

  13. They only ask to exist... we have to let them


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