Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Little Pool of Grace

Wild Woman's pet raven is looking at her
through her pince-nez.
Sp(b)eaking in her gravelly voice.
she croaks,
"My dear tired friend,
do try to stop
pushing the river.
to the water's flow,
and soon you may find yourself
in a little pool of grace."

A poem from 2015. I followed the raven's advice, trusted, and did find myself floating in a pool of grace. Smiles. She is smart like that, my raven.

To be shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United. Do come join us!


  1. Important words here. We do need to surrender to the water's flow, and it will take us to where we are meant to be!

  2. I always suspected The Raven was all feathery wisdom. Only the very wise understand that the only way to be all we can be is to surrender to (and become part of) what is.

  3. What wonderful advice! And I could use it myself right now. I so love the words of your raven.

  4. Oh so wise! Go with the flow... what could be better!

  5. I’ve always wanted a pet corvid, specially one that speaks – and gives such good advice!

  6. Oh, I am a river-pusher for sure! Raven's advice certainly applies to me!

  7. A sage bit of advice I shall be taking heed of myself. Go with the flow.

  8. Many years ago I had a very trusting Raven that came into my garden and allowed me to get very close to him and hand feed him. It is a wonderful feeling to have this happen.

    1. How wonderful! I once had a seagull that arrived for scraps every mealtime. LOL.

  9. I can imagine a raven laughing this out in their strong voice. Smart bird!

  10. Oh such wonderful wisdom in this poem, Sherry!❤️

  11. I think I need to have more ravens in my life to give me good advice. All too often I forget this lesson.

  12. Takes me to the hymn 'My Redeemer Lives' who tell the sea to stay or the moon to hide till evening

    thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today

    much love...

  13. Think we may be moving on similar paths. Love the raven and the truth of which she speaks.


  14. Rivers cannot be pushed... the crow knows.

  15. This is mesmerizingly enchanting and wise … the advice: wonderfully worded and succinctly put.

  16. you've got a friend, not just a pet.
    Ravens are wise, i always suspect. :)


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