Friday, September 19, 2014

The Visit

He and she lay in bed,
in the cold, in the gloom,
she fretful and worried,
when into the room
her mother, long dead, 
in a long white gown,
came to the bed 
and sat right down.

"Don't worry, dear Floss,"
as she soothed her daughter's brow,
"everything will get better
than it is right now.
It will be all right,"
and she felt her mother's kiss.
"It will not forever
be like this."

Floss touched her cheek
and she tried to believe;
she could still feel the kiss
as she watched her mother leave.

for Kerry's prompt at Real Toads: science or the supernatural? Being Irish, our family abounds in ghost tales and this one was told to me by my cousin this past weekend, as it was told to her by our grandmother. I added some dialogue to maintain the rhyme scheme, but the story is true.


  1. Science has no answers for such human experience.

  2. Ah.. a little scary .. still sweet in a way with such ghosts.. :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing this, brought it to life vividly. It's a touching story.

  4. Belief belongs to childhood, and such reassuring visitations are exactly what the child believer in us needs. Devoutly. Great tale. I've heard this motif of the ghost of a loved one sitting at the edge of the bed, almost a direct echo from a lost childhood.

  5. this is sweet and very touching...

  6. Wonderful and sweet story, Sherry!

  7. Vivid dreams of my mother being present were a great consolation to me after her death. I liked your tale.

  8. There are times, more than I care to admit .. I wish the ghost of my grandmother, my mother would appear, make it better.

  9. Wow, I do hope that the mother was right, that it DID get better for Floss.

  10. Our souls have their own science as proof. ♥

  11. Hiya Sherry, Of your recent pieces this is my favourite... Very tenderly told...

  12. a bit of a shiver :) ~


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