Monday, September 8, 2014


Little blue car,
we both are
more tired than God.
We both lack the luster of earlier days,
have our fair share of dents and bruises,
carried our full load,
and have clocked 500,000 miles
of bumpy road.

But every morning,
we both Start.
Some fuel, 
now and then 
a little oil for the creaky parts,
and, apparently, indefatigable 
and indestructible hearts.

I climb in.
We point our noses firmly 
towards Tomorrow.
I bless you for still
Getting Me There,
along the Highway of Hope,
and skirting the edge of Sorrow.

Ha. Looks like Little Blue Car could benefit from some soap and water. But I am tired, and I need a minion! The yellow bumper sticker was created by a friend of mine and it says "Money is a Drug. Heal the Spirit." He also made one that says "Money Rules. The Spirit Liberates." Awesome wicked cool. 

It is the weirdest, and most comforting thing. In the smudges and dust of the back window it looks like Pup is sitting there in the back, where he so loved to travel. I'm going to believe he is. 


  1. Love! Nice to have such a mirror and photo album of a car that just keeps chugging along. That's a lot of miles for cars--which are not made quite as well as humans.

  2. I see him too ... ya got me beat by a few years and more than a few miles!! Thought my 2001 VW was pretty old ... now???

  3. I love your poem. So nice to have a faithful, reliable car. I have an old car too, or at least I thought it was old. With continuous trips to my daughter's house I may catch up in mileage.

  4. Dear Sherry 'a little oil for the creaky parts' makes the par excellence 'point' 'a car yet with a spirit' it goes along with the reminded me of our family cars-Toyota Alto Pajero and now KIA each has a family history of love enjoyment laughter and pain as well as times of sorrow.great poem really enjoyed it felt it and love it.Wish you all the Blessings of Allah for health Life and Happiness.May all be Good amen.

  5. "I climb in.
    We point our noses firmly
    towards Tomorrow.".......the best way to live this life...

  6. Just a lovely poem--the lines about you and the car being more tired than God--really moved me. Thanks. k.

  7. he'll always be with you ~


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