Monday, September 8, 2014


Ocean fog
towering trees
the voice of the wilderness
calls to me

Kids, you are in for a visual treat this morning. All week, through his photos, I have been traveling vicariously with my son, Jon, and his wife Zenny, around Northern Vancouver Island. North Island is as yet undeveloped, minimally settled with small communities, and largely pristine. Glorious wilderness.

Jon has loved the wilderness since he was a boy and he and Zenny camp every chance they get, even when there is still snow on the ground. Jon called last night, all choked up, telling me this trip has been so amazingly beautiful, it  was "mystical". 

This spectacular spot is Quatsino. Notice the brilliance of the light on trees and water. That is what ocean living is - a different quality of the light. It is what I miss so much, living in a town, away from the morning fog and evening mist. Camping does not get any finer than this! His photos make me homesick.

They fished to their hearts' content, at times struggling  to land the giant fish with seals stealing them on the other end of the line. They lost a few that way.

Alice Lake

Jon, snorkeling, Smokey standing guard

Camping Dude
The family tradition of dressing up dogs continues.
My work here is done, LOL.

Marble River, near Port Alice

When they chose Smokey, (from a rescue group), they wanted a dog who would enjoy camping and fishing, and he certainly does. As a puppy, he even went ice fishing with Jon in 40 below weather. (They live in Regina, Saskatchewan, where winters are Siberian in their magnitude.

At one of the campsites, Smokey gave his warning bark and they didnt know what he was barking at. They launched their boat, pushed off and looked back to see a black bear 50 feet from where they had been. Good dog, Smokey. Thankfully, we now know he wont actually chase the bear and get himself into trouble that way. Smart dog. I swear he has wolf in him. He is so intelligent. And at home in the wilderness.

Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove is a beautiful small settlement on the ocean. Here, Jon and Zenny saw a pod of orcas, including a baby, while they were out in their small zodiac.

They have seen eagles, a bear, orcas. Ocean fog and mist swirling.  In Telegraph Cove, they had to keep Smokey leashed, as a cougar had attacked a dog there recently. 

Oh, how these photos speak to my soul. How the wilderness calls to me, ceaselessly, "Come home, come home."


  1. It's in your bloodline. I see the beauty, but couldn't spend this kind of time. And that Dog! Pure joy.

  2. You and I have similar souls, but not when it comes to this. My idea of camping is in a nice hotel. Ha. Maybe it's 'cause I grew up in the city, but in spite of the fact that I love nature, I must love comfort even more. I don't have a wild woman like this inside. I love this about you.

  3. Sherry, I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the pictures. The scenery there is heavenly.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the photos, they brought tears to my eyes, I guess I heard the call.

  5. I love The Island, and would love to see the north end, and to go to Haida Gwaii.
    Needless to say, I enjoyed the pictures enormously, and I think Smokey is wonderful.

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful, Sherry!!

  7. It looks like a great, fantastic, magnificent trip! Thanks for the photos, guys!

  8. oh wow... that looks beautiful and peaceful... i wanna go for a swim in the lake... really fantastic nature.. and self-caught fish for dinner... sounds divine...

  9. wondrous and heartening journey.

    gracias for sharing mi amiga

  10. What beautiful and scenic pictures sherry ~ I am travelling through your eyes too so thanks for reminding me of the wild beauty of our nature ~

  11. Thank you Sherry
    Not this year
    (or next)


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