Monday, September 29, 2014

Ninotaziz's Book Launch

Kids, from my earliest days online, when I fortuitously found Poets United, thanks to Robert Lloyd, (to whom I will be eternally grateful), Ninotaziz has been a constant encourager, supporter and loving friend of mine. This week is a big one for her. Over the last few years, Ninot has brought out a series of books preserving Malaysian legend, a passion of hers, and this week she is Going Global with her latest book!

Today Ninot's novel, NAGA, hits the global audience, and I had to hop on board to share the excitement. The book will be launched simultaneously  in Malaysia, Australia, India, USA, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. 

The plot is as follows: A princess under a curse. A sleeper assassin. A young sorcerer.Three people’s destinies intertwine and forever change the fate of the ancient city of Nagara.

Sri Gemom is born in a time of change. She is whisked away to Bhumi Semenanjung from her royal parents and her city of Nagara for her protection. While she is gone, a coup forces the king off the throne and he is killed, while the queen is forced to marry the usurper. Nagara is slowly falling apart. Sri Gemom is facing her own losing battle, and the people who love her must come together to save the city of Nagara, or see it lost forever. 

Sounds like a very topical plotline! Check out this cool book trailer:

You can find Ninot's release info here. Congratulations, Ninot, you are blazing a trail in the pursuit of your dream to preserve Malay legend, and all your hard work is coming to fruition as you move into the global market. 


  1. Great post, Sherry! Ninot is a gem, a jewel!

  2. nice. ninot is a great writer. i ahve one of her books on my shelf now...

  3. How very nice Sherry. You did very well to have brought out the salient points for a well deserved promotions shout-out for wonderful ninot. Great!


  4. Congrats to Ninot. How amazing to have releases in all these countries!


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