Friday, September 12, 2014

My Inner Old One

Birds cross the sky in covens,
this golden autumn-of-my-life.
My eyes follow their flight,
my soul quickening to the sound
of their honking admonition:
follow the predestined route!
Find your way home!

The Voice of My Tribe croons a chant
that murmurs on the breeze.
I feel the winds of change blowing through
the drafty chambers of my 
just-before-winter heart.

The Old Ones are telling me:
Time to open the door of the cage
and free the wild bird of your being,
the one you have been hushing
and placating with crumbs
for so long.
Free her with joy, and,
as her wide wings swoop and thrum 
across the shimmering sky,
traveling between the worlds
in the space-where-there-is-no-space,
along the-way-where-there-is-no-way,
heed the call of those wild birds.
They are giving voice to
 the longings of your soul.
Lift up that expectant, waiting life 
with the urgency
of not-much-time,
and, if you're ever going to fly again
as, once, you flew,
do it soon,
do it completely.
Do it now.


  1. This makes me want to let that wild bird within me...out! I love the chant of your tribe and the Old Ones who urge you onward and upward...wonderful!

  2. Fly, Sherry, fly. You never forget how, it's just hard to get off the ground sometimes.

    1. That's the darn truth. Especially at my age when I'm too tired to live most days......but I just might have one more swoop around the sky left in me!!!! Stay tuned!

  3. It is your time, Sherry. Fly away.

  4. let the air pick up your wings and swift you off your feet. i believe you can fly reach up and touch the sky. have a fun, fulfilling and soaring good time, mi amiga

  5. This is the one, Sherry. The one for our talk. if you agree, email me. I always fear these sentiments as end of life prayer. But this one id brighter, screming for doors and windows to fly open not only right now but right here. I love it!

  6. Love this poem Sherry. I can understand the near winter heart. I have one, just not as wild as yours. I hope you do fly wild. i think you do already, if not physically, then in your spirit. it soars.

  7. Your words just go right to my soul, Sherry. It's amazing how you can read something and feel like it's exactly what you needed to read at just the right moment.

    '...heed the call of those wile birds. They are giving voice to the longings of your soul.'

    I felt this for sure tonight :)


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