Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Well, kids, I fell in love this weekend - with a beautiful 11 month old wolf-pup! Smokey is my newest granddog, a rescue, who came along with Jon and Zenny, on their trip home to the Island. They live in Regina these days, for the sake of good jobs. But they are Island people, who miss the forest, mountains and ocean of the West Coast. Not to mention the mild climate!

We went to Stamp Falls, one of our favorite spots, the wildest place I can find around here. Watching Smokey discover the wild smells and beauty of this place, I had tears in my heart. This is the spot that saved Pup and I, living here and missing our wilderness home so much. He has been gone almost four years now, and it is only this summer that I have been able to go back there. I miss him so much all the time, but especially there, where we shared so many 
happy hours.

Jon has loved the wilderness, hiking, fishing and camping, since boyhood, and Zenny enjoys the lifestyle, too.  They get out camping at every opportunity, year-round, even ice-fishing in the winter, which sounds very cold to me. 

Smokey looks well pleased with the river!

Then we took Smokey  to the lake, for a swim, and came back home for a family barbecue. A great day!

It gladdens my heart to see happy, well-loved dogs. Zenny calls him "my puppy-boy" which reminded me of Pup, always "my boy", forever missed, in my heart.

We had four dogs at the barbecue. The highlight  was Smokey making an agile leap, from standing, right  up onto the center of the picnic table. Yikes! He didnt spill a thing though.

 I  was so enraptured by Smokey's beauty, I had to remember to include some photos of the humans.

Frisbee in the yard - fun for dogs and humans!

The table was bountiful - that's how we roll, around here!

 A great big armful of wriggly puppy joy.
I swear this dog is laughing, all the time.

This morning they headed north-Island, which has a few small communities, and much beautiful wilderness, as yet untouched by the tourism and development that makes  the rest of the Island so busy. I wanted to hop in the car and go too!

Was so good to see them and to get the family together. Sigh. I miss them already and they've only been gone a few hours. Smoke reminds me of Pup. He has the same wolfish look, the intelligence, the humor. A happy boy, who thinks each day is a new opportunity for joy.  And, with him around, it is!


  1. what a beautiful wild wolf looking boy. yes, mi amiga, his seemingly free and joyful attitude reminds me of your characterization of Pup. ii'm glad you enjoyed the visit. what a wonderful time it looked like y'all had. gracias for sharing


  2. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!

  3. Sherry, what delightful photos you have shared. I really like seeing photos of the beautiful dog as well as Jon and Zenny, not to mention the scenery. The Stamp Falls area looks like it is 'close to heaven.' And that barbecue meal--what a wonderful banquet you served. I especially like the looks of the salads. i am glad you had such a lovely time.

  4. Delightful images, dog sized dogs that look intelligent and a real day off! Could you have gone? Were you tired out? Your living room looks like mine with all those books!

  5. smiles...sounds like fun times...especially if the pups will run the frisbee back if it gets out of hand...smiles...beautiful pups...and not so bad looking family either..ha...glad you included the humans...smiles.

  6. how fabulous for ALL! I feel great after seeing this post

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  7. I love the wilderness of Stamp Falls ~ Looks like everyone had fun from the games & food, smiles ~ Really enjoyed the pictures Sherry ~

  8. oh wow - he's beautiful and i love all the pics you shared with us... what a beautiful slice of life... friends of us got a new pup just a few days ago - and i so fell in love with him... i would love to have a dog - it just doesn't work being in the office all day... sigh

  9. Thanks so much for these pictures Sherry. It looks like you had such a good time. Smokey is adorable, a living joy. Oh, the humans are adorable too, of course.

  10. Smokey has a beautiful face and a sweet smile...it's no wonder that you fell in love with him, Sherry. And reminded you of Pup... The wilderness looks very inviting there. I wondered if Jamie might like to share this posting on The Bardo...they're doing a Wilderness Week over there.

  11. Sherry - what a wonderful visit and love love love that puppy boy - he is a beauty! Thanks for sharing your family and this great feast with us - always wonderful to be surrounded with those you love -

  12. Smokey reminds me of the way Snoopy looked in the dream I told you about with the beautiful feeling.

  13. He's gorgeous, but I'm glad you remembered to include some people-pictures!
    I would have loved to see that leap onto the table. Young dogs have so much spring in their step, don't they?
    Are they stopping in on their way back down-island to the ferry?

  14. I loved seeing pictures of the family, Sherry, especially Jon. We've sure come a long way from when he and Nikki started kindergarten together. I'm also in love with Smokey - he's amazing. Can't believe Pup's been gone four years already. Good thing we can carry them in our hearts forever. Not sure if I believe in heaven, but if there is one and I happen get there, (doubtful), there had better be our much-loved pets there too!


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