Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The roar of the waves pounds
the dunes, feet from my door,
little two room cedar shack,
friendly old growth trunks 
out every window,
enduring under the lash
of wind and rain.
Upstairs, tucked, warm, into my bed,
I listen to the roar of the surf,
hear the March winds howl,
feel the rain pounding 
the cabin walls,
and my heart

for Susan's Mid Week Motif prompt at Poets United: Stormy Weather. I exceeded the 55 word limit by a few........I adore winter storms at the beach.

I love winter at the beach, the weather so dramatic, elemental, powerful and ever-changing. The wind would blow so hard, we walked on an angle trying to stay upright, rain sluicing off our fisherman's rubber hats and raincoats. I walked many a wild beach, exulting, through those years of winter storms.

I hope to catch a few this winter.


  1. Yes. I walked in a few in Northern California that surprised me with their power. Thank God for the old-growth around the cabin that endures under the lash. Beautiful capture.

  2. love the contrast here...howling wind and the warmth of comfort and in between the friendly growth enduring and sheltering...nice as always :)

  3. There is just something comforting about being snug in bed during a storm.

  4. Oh yes..snug in bed listening to the storm and feeling wonderful...thank you for sharing your version

  5. Oh wow, you like winter at the beach? I think I would be a bit frightened by those stormy waves. But I know this is your element, Sherry! Smiles.

  6. Sherry, we have so much in common, but not this. I'd be afraid. But you, brave one, do have that wild side.

  7. ha. those storms can make you feel so alinve cant they...a cedar that smells good....

  8. I would love to experience winter at the beach, must be breathtaking. Lovely write Sherry.

  9. Those storms can awaken our spirits. Lovely.

  10. Sherry,

    I think you find peace in your special place facing the elements no matter what the can
    withstand storms as you are warrior.

  11. Ahh... Sounds exciting and comfortable.

  12. hmm you are playing my tune lady. I realized something as I read this:I love the sounds of the storm at the ocean. It has always been calming. I am not a big fan of the huge roaring thunder storms. It's what you are used to...

  13. Wild winds.....................sometimes are so refreshing!

  14. Oh I know that sound of the waves thundering on the shore with gale force winds.....sheer joy.Love this favourite !

  15. Your words provide a strong visual impact of both the storm outside and the warmth indoors... Loved how you expressed both...

  16. Storm outside and warmth indoor ...and the heart soaring high.... love the contrasts...

    One thing I've always noticed magically you bring up a peaceful and calm effect at the end... love it... :-)

  17. I feel the pain that this cabin memory is laced with...I know what it is like to have lost a favourite place and how much one would love to be able to set the clock back sometimes.

  18. Ah spring storms can be uplifting when we are snug and safe.

  19. Sherry,

    It is a reward to be safe indoors while the storm rages outside. Reminds me of what may be ahead for winter, once this Indian summer has passed us here in Cheshire!!!
    Wonderfully thematic Sherry:)

  20. I love the thought of being safely tucked inside when storms are raging.

  21. loved the way you weave the image of warmth and natures play


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