Tuesday, September 9, 2014

JOURNEY, continued

photos by Jon Merk

Jon and Zenny were on the north-east side of the  Island when they took these shots. The play of mist and fog, light and water,  along the ocean, always fascinates me with its ever-changing beauty.

In Telegraph Cove a pod of orcas surfaced not far from their small zodiac.

That's its fin on the right behind the big ripple 

Now they are in my territory, on the west side of Vancouver Island, camping on the ocean overlooking the Broken Group Islands. Sigh. Be still, my heart. The beauty of these photos pulls me like a magnetic force to the beach the beach the beach.......

Mussell Beach, and the weather has been holding wonderfully for them. They are having such a glorious time!!!! 

Jon calls this shot Moonrise over the Broken Islands. So beautiful.

This weekend, I will hop in the car and join them for a trip to Kelowna, where Jon grew up. Then they will carry on home to Regina, and I will visit the relatives for a few days, then make my way home via Vancouver, where I will visit with Jeff. A lot of travel for this homebody. Prying me out of my nest is rather like root canal work. However the lure of the day with Jon, Zenny and Smokey, and that familiar and beautiful scenery over the Hope-Princeton, a trip I made so many times in my younger days, and I could not resist.


  1. More beautiful photos, Sherry. And I am so glad you are going to have an adventure yourself this weekend. Enjoy.

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  3. Wonderful pics--they lure me too. Only a drive away. Weddings and vacations have been a late summer treat.

  4. Wow, enjoyed the lovely pictures Sherry ~ I am envious of your travelling in the next few days ~ Have fun in your trip ~

  5. so beautiful photos Sherry...have fun & take care :)

  6. Breath-taking. Your soul must be traveling high. Gracias for sharing such loveliness mon ami.

  7. Wow. You're about to take a little trip to heaven. I'm a homebody too. But I do love my trips to the beach in San Diego. That's nothing like the beaches where you are, but the ocean has its pull everywhere. These pictures are fantastic. I love the Moon over Broken Islands.

  8. Beautiful area and beautiful pictures Sherry....enjoy...you deserve it! :-)

  9. Glad they're planning to take the scenic root up the H-P instead of the dreaded Coq, Sherry. So much nicer, the route of our childhood. As for the Coq route, it might be faster but it sure doesn't have the charm the old Kettle Valley RR had through Romeo, Juliet, Othello, etc.
    Luv, K

  10. PS, the beach shots need no comment, their beauty speaks for itself.

  11. Sherry, I am only able to be contacted through my moderated comment section.

  12. Breathtaking, Sherry, Enjoy every moment. They are so precious.

    Pamela ox

  13. Hope it's a glorious trip ~


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