Friday, September 19, 2014

A Nice Mouse Stew

Witch Hazel rode to town
on a water buffalo.
(you may frown, 
but she couldnt find a Puffalo)
she was looking for  ingredients
for a nice mouse stew,
six fat brown ones she already slew
(the stew might taste better if we never knew)

But the greengrocer 
was out of eye of newt and leather boot
and the toe of frog/tongue of dog
looked rather hoary.
(you may be pleased to know,
my poet friends,
that even though it rhymes
this is not a true story)

Undaunted, she got up upon her broom
(The cat moved over, gave her plenty room)
She took a turn through spiral forest green,
gathering furry fronds and splattered spleen,
selecting just a few delectable bats
wearing an assortment of delicious purple hats,
hastening home, salivating, fast 
in anticipation of a most tasty repast.

But the bats clung to the pot-lid
and refused to Enter In
and how was she to make a stew,
if stew would not Begin?

She freed the bats
and fed the cats; 
she made a salad green
and now she's out 
dancing about -
to hell with haute cuisine!

for Tony's fun prompt at dVerse: nonsense poems. I just happened to have one in drafts, who'da thunk it? I did expand it a bit, but was happy to have an idea ready to go.


  1. Ha.. good for cats and bats.. Maybe there are good tasty vegetables for a witch anyway.. Great recipe (but I think i won't try it anyway... I'm in the mood for simple cooking)..

  2. I had a smile on my face by half way through this piece, and the ending was brilliant! A fabulous piece!

  3. Your idea was fantastic. This made me laugh. I loved it. No stew for me tonight!

  4. I LiKe iT vErY VeRy MuCh........................

  5. The poem I like; the stew, less so ... smiles I think there could be the beginnings of a book for younger children here ...

  6. Fun piece, well done. I certainly prefer the green salad to the stew! That probably sounds funny, but I am a vegetarian tiger.

  7. This is just so charming, Sherry. It is really clever and fun and very witchy in all the best ways. I loved the Bats refusing the enter in and the stew not beginning and the hoary toe of frog. Just cute cute cute. Thanks much! K.

  8. this reminded me of the times when my kids were young they would visit my mom and she would let them let them mix up whatever they wanted in a bowl in the kitchen. They stirred their hearts out and we called a concoction :)

  9. Down the disposal went my left over stew you bad girl! Quite the write you have here. Great for October! Lovely witches brew I mean stew! Hah!

  10. haha... smiles.. i'm glad she had a salad in the end and freed the bats... smiles... a charming write sherry

  11. Ha, well this was fun, Sherry!

  12. The moral of the poem is nice witches eat salads and keep away from bats.:)

  13. Enormous fun and not creepy at all. The best line was the last of the first stanza - what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve over.

  14. This is good! You are thoroughly enjoying yourself, aint you Sherry :)

  15. ah green it is healthier too
    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  16. 'She' is so multitasking! Keep it up! Dancing - sounds good for me :)xx

  17. I am smiling here....this was so fun to read Sherry ~ Keep on dancing without the stew, smiles ~

  18. You really made me laugh, Sherry. With a name like Hazel no wonder this witch was a little nuts. Smiles.

  19. Well aren't you just a barrel of chuckles... made my evening :-)

  20. haha - this was a fun poem to read..smiled all the way through.

  21. Fun poem. Wish I had some bats around, they drive cats crazy--- mice that can fly....

  22. The prompt may be for nonsense, but I thought this was brilliantly crafted....very humorous and engaging.

  23. aww....Hazel turned vegan...not witchy at all...o my. ..really such a fun read....

  24. My amusement was slightly tempered by the thought of so many starving people in the world licking their lips in anticipation.

  25. This was so much fun, Sherry and the last line perfect.

  26. Oh my gosh, Sherry! I thoroughly enjoyed this write! You're so brilliant with your wording! Very enjoyable read that made me smile and giggle :)

  27. ha! Sherry, you have quite an imagination!!! :) nicely done.

  28. Oh what fun...I can just see the illustration of these characters....

  29. very fun, Sherry! ~

  30. Fun poem. Reminded me a bit of the old song "Frog Went A Courtin'"... and I remember a four-year-old who couldn't get enough of those verses. Rollicking good writing.

  31. A poetically expressed story.
    Nice one


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