Friday, September 26, 2014

A Breadcrumb

Indigo Child,
you with stars and planets in your eyes,
you with the whole sky dreaming in  your face,
you, beloved of the wind
and grandchild of the sun,
what do you Know
that the rest of us,
less blessed, can barely grasp?

Tell us, so we can save this planet
from imploding into itself
in sheer despair at the stewardship
of we humans-of-little-brain.

You do not understand.
You think you are powerless.
You think things 'just happen' to you,
oh me, oh my.
You think war, poverty, chaos, inequity,
the Way Things Are
is the way things have to be,
the way it's always been,
outside of your control,
the System cannot change.

Here is a breadcrumb:
your life did not just "happen" to you.
You were, even when you didn't know it,
making choices,
even when you chose not to choose.

Governments, the military-industrial complex, 
the financial power brokers,
all are making choices too: 
to maintain the chasm (money) between rich and poor,
to choose oil (money) instead of climate health,
war (money) instead of peace,
money instead of what is right.

A breadcrumb, my dear hamster-wheel humans,
spinning out your desperate, frenzied lives,
knowing - KNOWING - life should be so much more than this:
align yourself with spirit and justice in every single interaction, 
and demand your governing bodies do the same.

The secret you both know and -
with every fibre of your being
do not want to know-
is that the power you think lies elsewhere
has always been
in you:
the Power of Choice.

posted for Herotomost's brilliant prompt today at Toads: Trolling the Cosmos for Breadcrumbs, the title alone surpassing anything I can find to write. Wowzers, Corey! Brilliantissimo!


  1. So true, Sherry. I think each of us has power if we choose to use it.

  2. Very enlightening Sherry! Others had already made their choices in their bid to garner wealth. One should be preserving one's own right of choice most sparingly to gain maximum benefits. Great thoughts!


  3. "A breadcrumb, my dear hamster-wheel humans . . . ."
    Ha! Love the money stanza and exposing human desire not to use their power--just wishing the money people wouldn't use theirs! Occupy! I love that you used the idea of a path laid out with bread crumbs!

  4. a beautiful insight in to the universe

  5. Ah.. Indeed.. And maybe the most dangerous is to be passive.. So right in this

  6. What amazing writing! I'm out of breath reading it. You take the world by the scruff of the neck to shake some sense into it. Pity that the trail of breadcrumbs gets eaten by the birds before it has a chance to be followed.

  7. nice...yet scary truth in this...that our choices have led us to where we are...though the converse of that, that our choices can maybe lead us out of it as well is a challenging takes intentionality though because we are not powerless to them...

  8. Wonderful piece, powerful! Making choices, while eating bread and honey...without regard for the consequences.

  9. Life is such a responsibility. I love this Sherry. Love the way you use the dialogue and the advice of incigo child. This is beautiful it is most worthy of the creative prompt.
    I haven't been on-line. Couldn't. My internet was down a few days due to the heavy rains here. But I'm back now.

  10. Yes, its always been in our hands Sherry ~ I love the powerful message, of taking responsibility, of owning the decisions we make ~

  11. the power of choice...true... each of us can make a difference and we shouldn't think of ourselves as powerless

  12. Agh--people have to take responsibility! You are so right! Thanks, Sherry. k.

  13. hamster wheel humans- I know this is a dear subject to you Sherrie and It shows in your writing - good see you again :)

  14. Wow, Sherry-so much passion circling the wheel of life and fortune..the fortune being ours! So many wrongs in the world-your poem remind us~
    Bravo, we need to do all we can to be the change!

  15. Dearest Sherry, this poem made my hairs stand on ends. The inquiry is one that sings in all our hearts; okay, and many of our hearts. And the answer, what answer, my Sherry! The miracle and the power that is to choose not to be part of the madness without believing that we can choose not to involved. Brilliant. ♥

  16. This is an extraordinarily good post!

  17. So true...I believe the indigo children hold the cure, too...there's so much to ponder here...emotive and moving Sherry!

  18. But how frightening it is (sometimes) to choose!

  19. Yes...Sherry. And weirdly as well as I know that truth, I never feel like I live up. sometimes I can't even make the right choice when it is in my best I love this take and this truth. You have always been a good supporter of my prompts, and I really appreciate it.


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