Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For Verse First

There may be fear.
There may be hesitation,
and a host of reasons why
one should stay put,
with the illusion 
of a safety net beneath us.

But it is an illusion
which may also be a trap
that eventually
will box your spirit in.

Listen hard to 
that inner voice.
Align your energy
with the universe's road map
for your journey.
Step off the edge.
and remember......
you are meant
to soar.

Kim's prompt at Verse First is to write a poem without any show-offy difficult text. Well, that's easy. My brain is so slow and tired these days, I couldnt come up with a catchy line if it sat on my keyboard and waved its little furry paws in my face!


  1. I think when the 'brass ring' is visible we have to grab it. If the inner voice says 'go for it,' it is in our best interest to listen.

  2. Good sound wise advice, my friend. I always remind myself that the fear is constant and it is never a good reason for not moving forward.


  3. wow you really nailed it today Sherry

  4. Very encouraging poem Sherry! Great reminder!

  5. Sherry,

    This is a star filled piece of writing from you. It has your ethos in every chosen word. I love, 'that we were meant to soar.'
    This more than fulfills the prompt!!!


    Hope calmer times return after your caring duties Sherry:)
    Best wishes, Eileen

  6. What gorgeous wisdom...beautiful!!

  7. I'd like to see those little furry paws waving. This poem is so clear to me, I wonder why the ones that mess things up don't see! O to soar!

  8. The first two stanzas made me think of the big terror alert here in the states right now, as they seem so apropos as a response to that kind of mentality.

  9. ...ah, that's an excellent lesson Sherry.... we are all meant to soar --- yes, indeed... it's only us that set the limit because we lack faith... we lack the courage... we lack the confidence... we lack the motivation...the drive to pursue... we lack trust not from other people but from ourselves... we always think we can't do it when we don't yet even try... it's always hard to kill that self that tells you, 'you ain't good enough'... but once you did you will never be defeated in any battles you go on through in any any given time... for you have come out stronger & better than you ever think of yourself... i loved this... smiles...

  10. I love this one! I can so relate to this message! A wonderful message we all can relate to on many levels~ (((hugs)))

  11. i like no showoffy, and i like this poem:) i love to listen.

  12. Wow!! feel the spirit soar up high!!

  13. Great take Sherry. Truly uplifting lines. One must learn to recognize inner voice/wisdom, and then listen to its counseling.
    Love this one, Sherry! :)

  14. A ship anchored in the harbour is safe but that not why the ship was built. the safety net beneath should not trap us. lovely. enjoyed the poem.

  15. Spirit is always willing but the flesh is weak. That's the problem. Wonderful words of encouragement ........... :)

  16. This is so wise and true, Sherry!

  17. this is wise...and hard as well...i have been stuck if you will where i am for years...and i have tried leaving but it was not made to happen...always something has pulled me back...and it can feel like a trap...i have found a bit of peace with it...cause you can try fighting it only to end up so frustrated....

  18. Such encouraging words, doubt always makes us hesitate but like this beautiful poem says we "were meant to soar."

  19. Such inspiration, Sherry... thank you!

  20. This needed no catchy lines. The words hit home for me.

  21. You've captured the old Nike commercials, "Just Do It". You walk the talk Sherry!

  22. But the whole poem is arresting and memorable!

  23. Your writing is always so elegant and just brimming with wisdom =)

  24. Sherry I absolutely love your poems but this one just made my soul soar especially the last verse - my belief entirely. :)


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