Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The "Be Careful" Light

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With regards to Syria,
the international community
has gone past red,
but has not yet reached green.

We are at what four year old
Sebastian calls
the "Be Careful" light.

We must take care
not to take a step
from which there is 
no turning back,
which would set
the tinderbox of 
the Middle East

I think Sebastian
has the right idea.


  1. There is an old soul that lives in Sebastian~
    Wow I agree

  2. Yes he does. I am so scared where our country may take this.

  3. Yes he does. I am so scared where our country may take this.

  4. ah i think he is wise as well...then again we have to remember who is the one doing the talking...and politicians always find a way to light a fuse...

  5. If politicians only had a "be careful" light in their meeting rooms, what a wonderful world this could be.
    Sebastian is wise beyond his years, and politicians should take heed.

  6. Sure does! To contemplate war is worse than the sickness that the Syrian deaths show.

  7. Hmmmm! Yes caution supercedes the act of war, always. The world community still after the many years of humanity have not developed a cooperative option solution to these 'big' world issues. Demons that would use these types of destructive tools on their own citizens let alone use gas to destroy anything 'en mas' must be stopped. What is the solution, Hmmm? Come on all you self sanctified leaders of this world.

    Phew!!!! There, I said it. Gracias Sebastian

  8. War is no solution! Period!


  9. I am surprised and delighted the UK government actually listened to the people this time and voted against military action. It's not for us to go bombing other people when they are no threat to us.

    The statement from Obama says it all " our interests..."

  10. Caution is alwats good strategy. And war is the worse.


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