Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dear Beach

Chestermans in Snow
photo by Christine Lowther

Dear Winter Beach,
Your siren song has called to me
for decades,
your ley lines drawing me to you
as surely as a murrulet to her nest,
a migrant whale to its feeding ground.
And now another winter
is on its way.
Dare I dream that,
as your waves go wild with joy and fury
in storm,
I will walk your shoreline,
once again?

I'll meet you
at the foreshore.
I'll be the one in the rain gear
walking a walrus-sized golden retriever.

your biggest fan

Posted for Mary's prompt at dVerse Poets Pub, to write a letter (sadly now a lost art that should be revived) The responses at dVerse are a great start!


  1. I do hope this is the year for you to be able to frequent your beach often once again, Sherry.

  2. I enjoy a walk on the beach during the winter. I think that those who know only summer beaches miss out on the entire point.

  3. Winter beaches are so much beautiful than the summer ones --- the solitude and the colors... yes this was a some great thoughts in here... (summer beaches of ice-cream and sand I stay away from usually).

  4. smiles...i like the appreciation...and hope you have a wonderful reunion with that place....a walrus size golden...ha...sounds like a great companion as well...smiles.

  5. I love sea and fortunately, I got to visit sea side during the vacation this year. If I could, I would like to settle at such a place.
    Mesmerizing writing with a beautiful imagery.

  6. smiles..i love golden retrievers...and walking the beach...beautiful...what a love letter to a beautiful place

  7. Wow beautiful Sherry ~ Surely we will get enraptured all over again ~

  8. How amazing to see snow on the beach - not a sight you would ever see anywhere in Africa.

  9. I'm grinning like crazy. perfect!

  10. It is time for all of us to take a stroll by a beach. Am I the only one thinking 'Why not today?'

  11. The love you feel for the beach is so heartfelt. Your journey to this special place will bring joy and peace. I can picture you on the shore caught in the rapture..listening to the waves as they sing you a special song. Beautiful my friend..

  12. The beach is my favorite place, nothing can compare to walking along the shore, hearing the waves crashing. Beautiful!

  13. I love your vision Sherry. Can't wait for it to manifest. How wonderful to be in love with a beach.

  14. The longing here is palpable and I am so glad you are going to be able to fulfill it, my friend.


  15. A lovely love letter! Now I think this might be my favourite of your poems, *grin*. The love of place can be very deep, I know, and I enjoy all your wonderful details.

  16. ...aww... i just hope that the winter won't be too harsh to prolong your missing Sherry... and we can always look forward for a warm lovely Spring.... smiles.... i loved this...

  17. I've been writing letters to a couple of people who need them, and I was surprised how wonderful I felt to receive a note back in the mailbox.

    C'mon, people, let's buy some stamps!! Keep the postal service alive!

    As far as your letter to the beach, it is so heartfelt. Your connection to the earth never fails to touch me, Sherry. Love, Amer

  18. Beautiful Sherry! I love the fondness in your heart~

  19. There is something quite mystical about a naked winter beach. Your poem captures the beautiful spirit I feel when I walk such a beach. It is heavenly.

  20. This reminds me of when I walked the beach in Oahu, Hawaii. I knew this to be a once in a life time experience so with every step I would inhale deeply and my eyes would span the whole beauty. This is what you'll be doing when you walk your wintry beach. We will all be there with you in spirit and soulful appreciation.

    Let us know when you get there, mi amiga

  21. wow, this is so cool. i read it twice. there's a sincerity and light-heartedness i absolutely adore. so truly wonderful.


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