Friday, August 16, 2013



She thought that love would set her free
That then she’d be all she could be
But locked within the open gate
She found herself entrapped too late

She thought alone she would be free
Walking beside the silver sea
But loneliness  stalked the empty beach
Love always  just out of reach

Years spent outside looking in
Waiting for love to begin
Then inside, and looking out
First the flood, and then the drought

Love versus freedom is the crux
bewildered hearts  in constant flux
One can only wonder   whether
ever the two arrive  together

Maid Marian set us an Oscar Wilde prompt over at Real Toads : to write something inspired by Oscar Wilde. But what spoke to me in her post were the words "a literary genius who sacrificed freedom for love."  Intriguing words. In younger years, I longed for love, a partner with whom I thought I would be all I can be. Yet when love came, along came pain, disillusionment and definite feelings of entrapment. Years alone, I felt the peacefulness of solitude, but still felt something missing, and wondered why what comes so easily to most, eluded me.

Finally I had to stop waiting and be all I can be on my own. I do believe that more often than one might imagine, both love and freedom arrive together, or we wouldnt have so many happy couples. So I didnt write about Oscar, but followed the  conundrum of love versus freedom.

Do check out the other responses to the prompt - there are sure to be some great reads.



  1. Yes. Lovely in form and flow. Yes to both the journey you describe and the question of whether they ever arrive together.

  2. I like very much the honest reflection in this poem. And, unfortunately, I think there are some questions that we never WILL know the answers to!

  3. A perfect response to the prompt, however, Sherry. O.W. was another person who couldn't find the magic combination of love and freedom. I wonder if any of us ever really do.

  4. This flows just beautifully, Sherry! I really enjoyed this.

  5. i think they can arrive together...there is much freedom in love, if it is the right love....

  6. It's the kind that comes but barely! It's the kind that is elusive. But when it does come it comes in an avalanche together overwhelmingly to extend the goodness. It'll come! To just wait and grab at the signals! Nicely Sherry!


  7. Beautiful flowing verses. I suppose if love is right it is freedom...

  8. I think you have explored a very real issue in many people's lives, and certainly touch on the conundrum of entrapment that love often brings with it, and the loneliness that comes with freedom. I think your final stanza wraps it all up in a nutshell very well indeed.

  9. I enjoyed this poem and the questions it raises.Good one Sherry!In my experience everything has a price both love and solitude.There may be some people who claim that their lives are idyllic with love and freedom etc. It may well be the case.We all make judgements based on personal experience and our perception of others.But for some of us there is a lot of slog disappointment and pain involved in muddling through the maze of life.At least there is lots to write about:)

  10. I love the personal share Sherry ~ That silver sea & empty beach are my favorite parts ~ Perhaps in the end, the love is just within us, is the best ~ Happy weekend ~

  11. oh, Sherry, very nice poem you have written. the formality of the rhyme makes it so much sweeter, and i think more, thoughful? is that what i'm trying to say? more reflective? trapped/locked within an open gate, that's the crux of it for me.

  12. You write straight from your heart authentically beautiful, Sherry. Your second stanza is gorgeous, I love, "silver sea."

    Your process notes are wonderful as well. :)

  13. Sherry, this was refreshingly frank. Your take on the prompt is in the spirit of the freedom to love... and the temporary mourning of not finding it. Remember, "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle!"

    Loved your notes, too, although the poem stands on its own. It just brought it home as being more personal. Love, Amy

  14. At this point in life, I cherish my freedom. Love how you pour heart and soul into poetry, Sherry!!

  15. Such an honest and profound piece Sherry. I always wondered if love sets us free or perhaps makes us prisoners?
    Beautiful and thought provoking piece.

  16. never caged a bird... it always gives the birds the sky to fly on with... however, sometimes, it's contentment that never settles to some birds.... smiles... love will always find its way to a happy ending... & happy ending may not always mean shared with a partner but, also, to family & friends as well... smiles...


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