Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh Ye of Little Brain

Stirring the pudding pot
otherwise known as Brain,
I fish out a lump:
brown and - lumpish - and plain.

No matter how often I edit it,
over and over  again,
it remains stubbornly lumpy,
refusing to sing any sweeter refrain.

Sorry, kids, it is hard to elevate this lump, a response to Kim's prompt at Verse First to take a simple object, write, edit, and elevate it. The only thing I am elevating, these days, is my feet as I lift them up onto the couch. Am totally zapped. But hoping for a miraculous resuscitation of my Muse at some point, hopefully before all of you give up on me. 

Did you know you can type in "pudding pot of brain" at google images and thousands of images come up? That is rather frightening.

I will not open this one up to suggestions as to how to improve it. By hitting the Delete button? hee hee

Of brains and trains
I'm missing track
I live in hope
that I'll be back


  1. Bravo, Sherry!
    Of course you have me curious about googling "pudding pot of brain" so I'll have to go do that now, but you can be sure
    "that I'll be back"!
    Luv, K

  2. LOL... love this metaphor, Sherry.

  3. ...bit it did look like a coco jam that i always like especially in a hot gardenia bread or like a choco pot i will smear over pancakes... see now you make me crave... i can't wait for the morning so i better sleep now... a delightful last read of the night... smiles...

  4. Sherry,

    You are in fine composing form, with this little ditty!! I must say that the image will ensure that I do not eat chocolate, any time soon, which has to be good.


    Hope you manage to remain upbeat, with legs well elevated Sherry, for as long as it takes!!!Read and rest....

  5. 'pudding pot of brain.' lol Only a writer could come up with a search title like that. :-)

  6. Oh sherry you made me giggle
    Ive been putting my feet up fighting a week long flu. Poems all seem to have a cough at the end

    Hugs to you :)

  7. (I'll be back) I am so glad!

  8. Oh this brought a big smile to my face! I can so relate! And I love your humor ! Hope you are able to get out and about soon!

  9. Although you speak despairing here, I can't for one moment believe you weren't cackling when you posted it. I certainly laughed aloud reading it. Pamper yourself lady, you are worth it.


  10. I enjoyed the way you write. There is a snappy staccato to the way you rhyme and a certain rhythm that bounces out, even as you worry on about not being able to elevate the poem, the truth of the matter is that you already did! Thank you. I will be back to read more of your work!

  11. Loved this Sherry. And realized I must have misinterpreted Kim's instructions?

    All that aside, how are you?

  12. This was fun..but the google part is quite disturbing. But, I must check out the varieties...LOL.
    You are an incredible poet.:)

  13. Love this Sherry...I will refrain from heading to

  14. Very funny! At least for those who do the reading here. I am not mused either, but that is OK.

  15. Oh, the second one is very funny, Sherry! Lighthearted, I like it :)

  16. I've frequently been called a lump.. we lumps must ... stick together (so to speak).

  17. I like your condensed version very much!

  18. I love how you call the brain a pudding pot.
    Delightful poem.
    Suzy at Reflections of my soul

  19. Oh!! you are amazing you stirred one so well!!


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